Man injured in motorcycle accident claim seeks compensation

After being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident claim, one man has filed for personal injury compensation against the driver of the car that struck him.

22 year old Burim Shala had been riding in Southend during the time of the November 2007 when the accident claim occurred.  Mr Shala was knocked to the ground after a Nissan clipped his bike.   Victoria Read

Mr Shala suffered several injuries.  His hand was broken, his ribs were fractured, and he also suffered from five fractured vertebrae as well.  Additionally he suffered brain damage from the traffic accident claim.

Since the accident Mr Shala suffers from headaches.  He also has developed problems with his memory and may be subject to epileptic attacks in the future.

A writ from the High Court states Mr Shala’s ability to concentrate has decreased.  It also said that he has a higher tendency to be forgetful and requires aid with his finances.

Mr Shala is suing the driver of the Nissan, Victoria Read, for her role in the accident.  He is seeking £300,000 in damages.

Motorcyclists make up around 20 per cent of serious injuries and road deaths, according to the  Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.  This figure is despite the fact that motorcyclists only comprise about 1 per cent of all traffic on the UK’s roadways.

For those hurt in a traffic collision, many legal experts recommend hiring representation to hold the guilty party responsible for any injuries.

The responsible party’s insurance provider will pay the compensation if any is awarded.  In the event that the driver does not have cover sufficient to the claim, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau will step in to fill the void.

The MIB is also used when someone falls victim to an injury in which the perpetrator goes unidentified.  Many hit-and-run victims are reimbursed by the MIB.

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