Road accident claim leads to £2.45 million payout

One road accident claim has resulted in a personal injury compensation of £2.45 million, reports the Oxford Times.

One man has finally won his compensation claim after a traffic accident claim left him with serious head and brain injuries in 2001. Compensation awards can sometimes take several years to be settled, as demonstrated by the near decade it as taken for the man’s case t be closed.

The young man had been 24 years old at the time of the accident.  While he was cycling nearby Oxford Brookes University where he was a student, he was struck by a car.  The road accident claim was so severe that his head and brain injuries left him in a coma for more than a year while he underwent treatment. The man has had to rely on round the clock care since his injuries from a team of support workers at a number of hospitals over the past nine years.

The London High Court judge awarded the man with a £2.45 million lump sum compensation.  Additionally the traffic accident claim victim will also receive yearly tax free payments of £120,000 in order to provide him with the car he will need for the remainder of his life.

Cyclists commonly become involved in accidents.  However substantial compensation amounts are more uncommon. In the current case the severity of the injuries the cyclist suffered were taken into account by the courts.  Additionally the victim’s need for 24 hour care from a wide variety of specialists and caregivers also played a role in the size of his compensation award. Unfortunately the injuries the cyclist sustained in the accident will be with him for the rest of his life.  However the compensation award he received will enable him to be financially secure and not want for any medical needs he may have in the future.

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