Factory worker loses four fingers in work accident claim

One factory worker recently suffered a work accident claim after she lost four fingers whilst operating machinery in the course of her job.

The woman, aged 59, was working at a food packaging factory at the time of the accident claim.  The machine she was operating produced lids for packaged foods such as ice cream and yoghurt.  The worker declined to be named to the media.

The worker suffered her injury claims during a silver foil re-threading procedure she was performing on her machine.  While she was attempting to complete the procedure the machine re-started suddenly.  As a result four of her fingers on her right hand were instantly severed.

The Health and Safety Executive soon began an investigation into the packaging company.  The HSE made the discovery that the firm, Chadwick’s Ltd located in the Greater Manchester town of Bury, had made modifications to the lid cutter.  The firm had disabled sensors on the machine to allow it to not only cut foil but also paper as well. The sensors the firm disabled however were a safety precaution to prevent injuries such as the unnamed worker suffered.

Chadwick’s entered a guilty plea in regards to being in breach of Health and Safety Regulations.  The firm was assessed a fine of £22,500. Additionally Chadwick’s was also ordered to pay a total of £8,708 in costs.

An HSE spokesperson stated that employers have a duty to provide properly guarded machinery for their workers.  The spokesperson further stated that due to failings of management, the female worker involved in the incident had suffered severe, life-altering injuries.

Nearly 26,000 manufacturing employees  suffered serious work injury claims over the last 12 months. Many of these injured workers go on to make personal injury claims against their employers.  No information is available regarding the injured worker’s future plans.

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