Photojournalist awarded £30,000 personal injury compensation

One photojournalist has recently been awarded a £30,000 personal injury compensation for injuries he received at the G20 protests that occurred last year.

The personal injury claim happened during the anti-capitalist protests that took place on the 1st of April at London’s 2009 G20 summit. While David Hoffman, a professional photographer, was documenting the protests he was hit in the face with a police shield when he was attacked by an officer clad in full riot-control gear.

After the Territorial Support Group police officer struck Mr. Hoffman the photographer found he had lost several teeth from the blow. The officer struck the photojournalist with enough force to slam Mr Hoffman’s jaw shut.  The man suffered injury claims in which the roots of two of his teeth were fractured. The roots of an additional one was also damaged.  Additionally Mr Hoffman lost a total of five molars from his jaw as well.

National Union of Journalists General Secretary Jeremy Dear commented on the incident.  Mr Dear stated that the shocking display of police brutality is completely unacceptable.

A Metropolitan Police Service spokesman issued an apology for Mr Hoffman’s treatment at the hands of one of its officers.  The spokesman also stated that the photojournalist had full entitlement to report on the events that were unfolding at the protests.  As a result of his injuries at the hands one MPS officer however he was prevented from doing so.

The personal injury claim Mr Hoffman brought against the MPS was recently settled out of court for an award of £30,000.

Many unfortunate incidents occurred during the protests.  Shortly after Mr Hoffman was attacked, another MPS officer knocked one newspaper seller to the ground.  Mr Ian Tomlinson did not survive his injuries he sustained in the unprovoked attack.

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