Medical negligence claims make for wary patients

Medical negligence solicitors have begun to take issue with the number of personal injury claims that have been occurring of late, stating that the manner in which they are portrayed by the media could result in patients demonstrate wariness when it comes time to be treated in hospital.

One medical negligence head and law firm director recently commented on the phenomenon by stating that in the vast majority of cases the treatment received by patients from GPs, nurses, and doctors is exemplary.

Despite the high levels of care, the director stated, with a high level of inconsistency in the standards of care that are provided across all the different regions and hospitals can sometimes reduce confidence on the part of the patient.

There can be serious consequences for both patients and their families in the event of things going wrong during medical care or a surgical procedure, he added. Some of the worst cases his accident solicitor firm has encountered has been when a patient has died due to improper medical care.

The NHS trust in the West Midlands by itself has incurred medical negligence costs that average £11 million on a yearly basis, according to national figures.  While the financial burden this places on the NHS is undeniable, injury solicitors nevertheless believe that medical negligence victims are deserving of compensation for their pain and suffering at the hands of inattentive medical professionals.

Industry experts agree that victims of a medical negligence accident claim, especially one that will profoundly impact the health of the victim in the future and the quality of their life, should deserve compensation for their troubles.  Many solicitor firms believe that the NHS has a duty to learn what it can from the mistakes of the past whilst doing all that it can to prevent such unfortunate and life-changing events from happening in the future.

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