Personal injury claims could rocket in coming months

The incidence of personal injury claims may soon be set to rocket in the next few months in the wake of colder weather, many industry experts say; personal injury lawyers may very well be overwhelmed by a burgeoning number of claims from people who have fallen on the snow or ice and caused serious harm to themselves as a result.

Accident solicitor firms will most likely be bracing themselves for a rise in the number of claims during the colder weather as many people who suffer cold weather-related injuries explore whether they have an entitlement to personal injury compensation for their pain and suffering.  Industry experts advise to carefully find a solicitor that has a positive reputation in order to have their needs met properly.

In 2009 alone there were in excess of 7,400 people admitted to hospital from ice or snow-related injuries, reports the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. As the snow and cold weather is starting much sooner than the previous year, many industry experts are predicting that this statistic could rise significantly in 2010.

In an effort to curb the rise of personal injury claims related to injuries that occur due to winter weather conditions,  insurance providers have issued warnings to their policy holders to be more careful in the coming months.

Some companies have issued warnings to drive more carefully in the dark and wet, while others have made recommendations to ensure car headlights and windscreen wiper blades are in proper working order.  Other companies have been more extreme in their warnings, however; one such company, Swinton Insurance, has gone so far as to suggest to its car insurance policy holders should carry an extra pair of driving shoes the boot of their car to avoid car accidents caused by a slip of heavy-soled winter boots.

While industry experts agree that an ounce of prevention does indeed beat a pound of cure, there has been scepticism expressed on how many motorists will adopt Swinton’s recommendations.

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