Serious injury claims for two arborists in work accident claim

Two tree surgeons suffered serious injury claims when their cherry picker overturned, resulting in a work accident claim so severe that both men needed to be taken to hospital by air ambulance.

While the two arborists were hard at work on a tree that had been overgrown in North Devon at a residential address in Milborne St Andrew their cherry picker overturned, sending them both tumbling to the ground more than twenty feet below and resulting in a serious accident claim.

Due to the severity of the injuries both men had sustained, the decision was made to air-lift them both to Devon County Hospital once emergency services arrived at the scene.

One tree surgeon, self employed Chris Baxter hailing from Blandford in Devon, required hospitalisation in Devon County’s intensive care department due to the severity of the injuries he sustained. ¬†His colleague, whose identity has not yet been released to the media at this time, has been said to be in much less serious a condition in the wake of the incident.

One Dorset Police representative informed the media that the Health and Safety Executive has been apprised of the situation.  Additionally the area in which the two men had suffered their injuries has been made safer in the wake of the accident.

The Dorset Fire and Rescue Service released an accompanying statement in which it was announced that despite the difficult circumstances and highly unusual nature of the incident, the Fire and Rescue crews that responded to the scene of the accident acted in an exemplary manner.

Industry experts agree that once the Health and Safety Executive has concluded their investigation of the incident, any parties liable for the accident will be identified and perhaps even prosecuted for breach of regulation at the time the incident occurred.

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