Man receives £210,000 in personal injury compensation on accident claim

After a work accident claim involving being struck on the head with an iron bar left one Doncaster man with permanent severe anxiety, blurred vision, and changes to his personality, an out of court settlement has been reached with a £210,000 personal injury compensation award.

58 year old David Prince was performing his duties as one of Rampton Secure Hospital’s reception assistants at the time of the accident claim as he was inspecting an E H Lee delivery wagon.

Mr Prince had the wagon’s driver open the vehicle’s side curtains to facilitate inspection.  Unfortunately the driver lost his grip on the curtain during Mr Prince’s inspection, which resulted in the iron bar that was attached to the curtain came into violent contact with the left side of Mr Prince’s head.

As a result of the painful blow, Mr Prince experienced dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, extreme fatigue, and severe pain.  After being taken to hospital to treat his injuries he was later discharged.

In the wake of Mr Prince’s accident claim persistent headaches, out of character behaviour, and an inability to concentrate forced him to sharply cut back his hours at work.

While Mr Prince’s employer endeavoured to accommodate him in any way he could over the two years following the accident by shifting him between departments and various job duties, the decision was finally made to allow him to retire for health-related reasons.

To this day Mr Prince suffers from a host of conditions brought about by the sharp blow to the head he received from the truck curtain.  In addition to his severe headaches, inability to concentrate, and mood swings, he also suffers from poor sleep, lack of appetite, and quick losses of temper.  It is exceedingly difficult for Mr Prince to do simple things such as leave the house, socialise, or even answer the telephone without the care and assistance provided by his wife.  Moreover Mr Prince has come to rely on anti-depressant medication as well.

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