Everton man suffers personal injury at work

After one of its workers suffered a personal injury at work when his hand came into contact with an industrial-grade circular saw, one Liverpool-based laminate flooring company has been fined by the HSE.

Everton native Mr Christopher Sillitoe had been performing his duties at the Brookfield Drive, Aintree location of Unifersal Mouldings when cutting laminate when the injury claims occurred as his hand and the spinning saw blade came into contact with each other.

While Mr Sillitoe did manage to have his fingers re-attached to his left hand after a lengthy six hour surgical operation, his doctors doubt that he will ever regain the full range of movement in his injured hand.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation of the factory uncovered that one common practise employed there was to have workers reach down underneath the still-spinning blade in order to remove any laminate after it had been cut.  The practise was put in place to avoid damaging any of the material.

The HSE inspector that investigated the accident claim stated that Mr Sillitoe’s injuries would have been inevitable due to the unsuitability of the machine in relation to its task and the several near misses that had already occurred in the past.

The laminate manufacturing company was slapped with a £5,000 fine in addition to having to pay £7,500 in costs after it admitted its breach of several Health and Safety regulations.  In the aftermath of the incident Universal Mouldings has invested in machinery more suitable to its manufacturing needs.

No further information at this time is available regarding Mr Sillitoe or his possible plans to file a personal injury compensation claim against Universal Mouldings.  Industry experts agree that due to the nature of his injuries any possible compensation award Mr Sillitoe could win may indeed be quite large as a result.

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