Personal injury claim made by woman who lost finger

After one woman lost one of her fingers at a public event, the pain and suffering she underwent has prompted her to file a personal injury claim.

37 year old Clare Wiffin was in attendance at a race last year at Sunbury’s Kempton Park when the accident claim occurred.  She had been present at Kempton Park with her family at the time.

In need of getting some money out, Ms Wiffin had enquired of a staff member where the the nearest cash machine could be found.  After having an alley that ran down the right-hand edge of the course pointed out by the assistant, Ms Wiffin set off down it until she was brought up short by a high fence that barred her path.

Putting her hands on the top in order to determine if she had gone in the right direction, Ms Wiffin got her wedding ring caught in the sharp spiked top of the fence.  As a result her finger was torn from her hand.

In a comment she made regarding her injury claims, Ms Wiffin stated that she had been directed down the particular footpath that led her to the site of the incident.  She added that she would have never been inclined to go that way if she had not been told to do so.

When she returned to the park the day following the accident, she found that the footpath she had been directed down was no longer accessible to foot traffic.

Now pursuing personal injury compensation from the raceway managers, Ms Wiffin stated that her position is that the raceway had not been made safe enough for any visitors.

The managing director of the racecourse declined an opportunity to comment on the incident due to the fact that the matter is currently under litigation.

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