Motorbike riders cautioned against motorcycle accident claims

Many thousands of motorbike owners derive pleasure and passion from riding their motorcycles on UK roads every year. However the prevalence of motorcycle accident claims in the UK should give any motorcyclist pause.

Medical negligence leaves woman with 10 minute memory

After medical negligence left a woman with the inability to remember more than ten minutes into her own past, her personal injury lawyers have secured her a settlement in the millions of pounds.

Ten workers suffer injury claims at pharmaceutical company

Ten pharmaceutical workers in Swindon have suffered injury claims after coming into close contact with toxic chemicals. As their work accident claims saw them develop a condition known as allergic contact dermatitis, their employer has been fined.

Work accident claim results in more lost fingers

The manufacturing industry is notorious for work accident claims due to negligence on the part of an employer. Time and again employers are issued warnings by the Health and Safety Executive on how to avoid accident claims, but still workers continue to become injured.

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