Mother seeks medical negligence compensation for her son

One disabled boy’s mother is seeking medical negligence compensation from the NHS after errors that allegedly occurred during his delivery resulted in his disabilities.

Born in September of 1992 at Nuneaton Maternity Hospital, Jake Dewis had developed an abnormal heartbeat during his delivery, states his mother Rachel’s injury claims as presented to court. As a result of this mis-diagnosis there was no immediate order of a forceps delivery.  As a result Jake suffered cardiac arrest during the delivery, with court documents describing his appearance at the time as “not breathing” and “grey and floppy.”  While Jake was resuscitated and then provided with the requisite intensive care, he had suffered severe injuries due to oxygen starvation which disabled him for life.

Jake was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a result of the time he spent not breathing just after his birth.  An umbrella term for any number of children’s physical disabilities caused by neurological damage, the symptoms include being unable to walk or stand without aid.  Additionally many children such as Jake born with Cerebral Palsy demonstrate learning disabilities.  Additional issues Jake has had to deal with since birth include problems with his vision.  Despite all of these debilitating conditions, however, Jake has found the time and energy to attend a local college to undertake an art course there.

Jake’s mother Rachel is currently seeking personal injury compensation on behalf of her son’s medical needs.  As she holds the medical staff responsible for not properly diagnosing Jake’s arrhythmia during birth, she is hoping to receive at least £300,000 in damages from the NHS.   A West Midlands NHS spokeswoman stated that while the case was something they were aware of, she declined to comment further on any cases pending legal review.

Many industry experts believe that the injuries that Jake sustained as a result of the alleged medical negligence could be worth much more than what Rachel is seeking in compensation.

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