Man hurt by falling equipment filing personal injury claim

After being injured by medical equipment that fell from an air ambulance passing by overhead, one man has decided to file a personal injury claim for damages.

On the 17th of June of this year, 24 year old Kevin Manning had been playing playing some footy with friends on Teeside in Thornaby when the accident claim occurred, according to a report by the Gazette.

Mr Manning reported that the group pointed out the North East Air Ambulance helicopter as it flew overhead on its way to Durham Tees Valley Airport from Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital.  There was several loud noises that emanated from the helicopter before pieces of equipment began to rain down upon them, included in which were several bottles.

Before he was struck and rendered unconscious by a case of equipment for measuring blood pressure, Mr Manning stated that he watched one of the falling bottles fall upon a nearby car.

After the incident, paramedics were called to the scene.  Mr Manning was not taken to hospital for his injuries but he did receive treatment on the scene.

The accident victim told reporters that he was fully recovered after only a few days, but if he had instead been struck by one of the bottles that had fallen from the air ambulance he may have been killed.

As he has not yet received any kind of apology for the incident, Mr Manning also stated that he will be seeking personal injury compensation for the incident.

Crews of air ambulances will be subject to a retraining regimen as a preventative measure to ensure such accidents do not occur in the future, as confirmed by one accident report.  The report however stated that Mr Manning’s injury claims will be with the company that had hired the aircraft, PDG Helicopters.

With more than four decades of experience in charter and commercial flights, PDG has locations in Glasgow, Inverness, Dublin, Wolverhampton, and Aberdeen.

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