Accident solicitor warns motorists on winter weather

As many of us are now travelling in the dark on our way to and from our places of work, and school-aged children will leave for their schools during the pre-dawn hours as well, one accident solicitor has warned motorists on the dangers of reduced visibility and other issues related to winter driving conditions.

There is an increased risk of road accident claims occurring to children after 3 in the afternoon in the winter and autumn, according to statistics released from the government, and this time coincides quite often with workers returning home after a long day. A great number of children will be out and about during the late afternoon and early evening hours, whether they are out walking back from school or just playing outside, but as the days grow shorter children may face a higher risk of suffering from injuries sustained in a traffic accident claim.  This is especially true if the children are not wearing any type of gear that increases their visibility in low-light conditions.

Not only children have heightened levels of risk, however, according to statistics; motorists are also more prone to injury claims stemming from accidents as they drive on unfamiliar or dark roads. The risks of being in a fatal accident is considerably heightened in country areas at night with it being three times as likely to have an accident between the hours of 9:00 in the evening at 2:00 in the morning.  Even those motorists with perfect vision are reduced to having 20/5o vision during night time hours.

One accident solicitor stated that statistics released by the Department of Transport show that during the 12 months preceding March of this year, road accidents that resulted in personal injury claims numbered over 161,000.  Over 23,000 of those accidents resulted in either serious injury or death for those involved.

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