Watford teen may receive sizable medical negligence award

After her GP failed to identify a serious infection in her chest, one Watford teen may receive a medical negligence award that may number into the millions of pounds as a result.

Hailing from Langley Way in Watford, Amanda Thompson had brought Alice, her two month old daughter to Herefordshire’s Bushey Heath surgery in order to pick a prescription up. During the visit to the surgery Amanda noticed that the child had developed blotchy skin, her breathing had become laboured, and her feet and hands were cold to the touch.

Dr John Aymard Wilson saw little Alice and advised her mother that the child should simply be kept warm.  The diagnosis sadly led to highly tragic consequences, the least of which is the current personal injury claim pending in the High Court.

The advice given by Dr. Wilson was deemed inadequate by Mr Justice Eady, judge for the High Court.  Additionally, the judge declared that Alice should have been directly referred to the hospital instead of being seen at the surgery. As a result of the delay in Alice’s proper medical care caused by Dr. Wilson, the infant soon developed the condition known as oxygen starvation.  The lack of oxygen to her brain left Alice with severe brain damage and the permanent inability to care for herself in an independent manner.

Now aged fourteen, Alice has not yet been notified by the High Court as to how much personal injury compensation she will be awarded.  Industry experts agree however that in cases that bear similar circumstances as what befell Alice when she was an infant have usually resulted in quite sizable medical negligence compensation awards.

Most experts also agree that the final figure Alice will be eligible to receive could easily number in the millions of pounds as a result.

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