£4.5 medical negligence compensation for Maidstone woman

After suffering irreversible brain damage as a result of delays in treatment of her brain tumour, one Maidstone woman has recently received a £4.5 million award for medical negligence compensation.

According to the personal injury claim filed with the courts, when Frances Bowra, 48 years old, collapsed in her Maidstone, Kent home due to suffering from vomiting and violent headaches, she was immediately rushed to the General District Hospital in Maidstone.  Later she was transferred to South London’s King’s College Hospital where she was the recipient of emergency medical treatment in order to help relieve the pressure that had built up in her cranial cavity.

After Mrs. Bowra’s legal team argued successfully at the High Court in London that not only was her rapid deterioration a result of the delay in her condition’s diagnosis but also the further delay in her transfer to the King’s College Hospital.  The High Court saw fit to award Mrs. Bowra with a personal injury compensation payment of £4.5 million as a result of her medical negligence claim.

Now having to rely on the care of others due to her brain injuries, Mrs Bowra is partly paralysed and also suffers from impaired vision.  Mrs. Bowra’s husband, Kenneth, stated that none of his wife’s hopes and wishes can possibly ever exist and will never be fulfilled due to her injuries.

A Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone NHS Trust spokesperson stated that both a delay in the proper diagnosis and a delay in providing the appropriate treatment for Mrs. Bowra did indeed occur.  The spokesperson also issued an apology on behalf of the trust to Mrs. Bowra and her family for the mistakes that were made regarding her treatment.

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