Man seeks £300,000 in motorcycle accident claim

One man is in search of as much as £300,000 in compensation for his motorcycle accident claim in the wake of his devastating crash with a motor car.

The incident occurred in September of 2007 while Ben Bates was within the village of Cosby.  Travelling on his motorcycle, Mr Bates was struck head-on when a passing car struck him in the midst of an overtaking manoeuvre.  Mr Bates suffered serious injuries after getting knocked off his motorcycle in the resultant collision, his personal injury claim states.

In addition to receiving fractures to his right hand, left ankle, and right knee from the traffic accident claim, Mr Bates also suffered a significantly more serious injury that broke his left shoulder.  Mr Bates required extensive surgical procedures to reconstruct his leg during the course of treatment for his injuries.

The Leicester Mercury reported recently that after Mr Bates was injured in the motorcycle accident, he was forced to give up his position as a warehouse supervisor.  Additionally Mr Bates developed anxiety as a direct result of the incident.  Additionally the newspaper reported that not only does Mr Bates have pain in his shoulder from the injuries he suffered, he may need additional surgery to his knee sometime in the near future.

Having decided to pursue personal injury compensation, Mr Bates has decided to sue the vehicle’s driver, Ms Michelle Morrall.  Mr Bates claims that Ms Morrall made an attempt at an overtaking manoeuvre during a time when it would have been unsafe to do such. Having previous convictions on her record for driving without due attention and care in regards to the accident, Ms Morrall has already received points on her license in addition to a fine.

While the case is still an ongoing one, Mr Bates is in search of as much as  £300,000 in damages.

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