South London cyclist wins personal injury compensation award

A South London cyclist and former triathlon champion was recently awarded a personal injury compensation of £280,000 following a serious accident.

Doris Barrera-Torrico of Gipsy Hill was on her way to her charity worker job when she became crushed between two large lorries in a motor accident claim that left the thirty one year old bleeding in the road.

Ms Barrera-Torrico sustained a myriad of serious and disfiguring injuries as a result of the traffic accident claim.  Doris recalled several vivid details of the accident during an interview with the London Evening Standard concerning how a large percentage of her skin tissue had been ripped from her right leg; she has one particularly grisly memory of catching a glimpse of several bits of her leg strewn across the road in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Ms Barrera-Torrico underwent nine surgical procedures on her leg in which several surgeons worked tirelessly to prevent having to resort to amputation of the appendage.  As a result she has retained her leg, though it is now permanently deformed from the accident and she will need crutches in order to walk.

Originally hailing from Chile, Doris previously competed nationally in the triathlon and had finished with several champion medals.  She said that following the accident her life has now changed forever since she can no longer cycle or run, two of the thirty one year old’s favorite activities.

She received a personal injury compensation settlement of £280,000 out of court after filing a personal injury claim against the driver of the lorry.

One member of her legal team also made remarks that the particulars of Doris’ case were a strong indicator for the need to increase cycle awareness on roads across the UK in order to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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