Journalist secures compensation from car accident claim

A journalist who had been knocked down during a car accident claim where he suffered brain injuries so severe that he is no longer able to work has recently secured personal injury compensation.

SLovakian native Milan Rybansky, aged 34, had been employed in Dublin during December of 2004, which is when the traffic accident claim occurred.

While crossing a Newtonabbey road, Mr Rybansky was knocked over by a passing vehicle.  As a result of the collision he received several head injuries that have proven to be devastating.

In order to look after him, the parents of the victim had to both give up work and sell their home due to the severity of of his injuries.  Mr Rybansky suffers from brain damage and paralysis as a result of the accident and therefore needs care around the clock.

My Rybansky’s parents took legal action on behalf of their son by making a personal injury claim against the vehicle’s driver in a bid to see to it that they can afford to continue to pay for the needs of his long-term care.

While there was no dispute that at the time of the accident, Mr Rybansky had been texting on his mobile phone, the motorist’s insurer did agree that their client should have been able to see the pedestrian at the time of the accident.  As a result liability will be shared.

As is befitting in regards to how sever his injuries were, Mr Rybansky will shortly be receiving £1.125 million in compensatory damages.

When trying to make a case for a personal injury claim, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff to show that the second person involved in the accident was the responsible party.

In order to remain valid, the any claims must be made within three years of the traffic incident that resulted in the claimant’s injuries.

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