Serious work accident claim after man cuts power cable

One man has sustained injuries after a serious work accident claim occurred while he was digging through a power cable, sources say.

The man, who has remained unnamed at this time, was working in a Warwick alleyway in April of 2009 when the accident claim occurred. While he was digging through the pavement, which was comprised of concrete, with a hand-held mini breaker, he struck a live power cable that was carrying 11,000 volts of electricity.  The severe consequences the man suffered included second degree burns to his neck and face due to the power lead giving off a devastating flash.

Deciding to prosecute Magna Heating Company Limited, the firm the worker was employed by in regards to the accident, The Health and Safety Executive were forced to fine the company just £1, even after the company pleaded guilty to being in breach of health and safety regulations.  While Magna Heating did fail to take any steps in order to prevent injuries due to cutting underground cables, since the company is now in liquidation the Health and Safety Executive had no choice but to fine them the nominal amount for the work accident claim.

While any report that the injured worker has made a personal injury claim against the company for his injuries, industry experts say that even though some companies may go bankrupt, injured workers do have some recourse in the event of an accident.  This is due to the fact that if the company had proper insurance cover at the time of any accident, any personal injury compensation sought by an injured party can be handled by the insurer directly.

As the current economic landscape in the wake of the banking crisis and resultant global recession has resulted in many firms and businesses being shuttered, industry experts say that this is good news for anyone suffering a personal injury claim at work.

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