Salford widow awarded large medical negligence claim

A widow from Salford has recently been awarded a large medical negligence compensation claim on the heels of her husband’s death after he had been hospitalised for a routine procedure to replace his hip.

After both Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Trafford Healthcare Trust were found to be negligent in providing a basic level of after care to her husband that would have safeguarded her life, Mrs Patricia Harper received personal injury compensation for her husband’s death. Chris Harper died at the age of 60 due to a blood clot the week following his hip replacement surgery.

The hospital staff faced accusations of failing to respond in a timely manner in the time after Mr Harper had awakened from his surgical procedure.  Mr Harper reported a feeling of breathlessness and was suffering from chest pain after his operation.  Additionally the hospital staff were found to have neglected to provide specialised medical stockings to Mr Harper that are designed to prevent clots.   It was also reported that Mr Harper faced a wait of three days for physiotherapy, something that is routinely given the same day as the surgical procedure.

A  Trafford Healthcare Trust spokeswoman released a statement explaining how Mr Harper had been provided care from a separate health trust that had been leasing both operating theatre space and hospital beds at Trafford General Hospital.  The spokeswoman continued by stating that all the procedures that were involved in the operation had been examined closely.  She concluded her statement by remarking that all the organisations involved in the incident had learnt some hard lessons therein.

Additionally a Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust spokesperson released a statement in which great regret was expressed in regards to the circumstances that led up to Mr Harper’s untimely death.

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