Pensioner to see accident solicitor to make accident claim

A pensioner has made plans to see an accident solicitor in the wake of a recent accident claim involving a trip-and-fall injury at a bus stop that resulted in fractures to both of her wrists.

In a report recently published by the Staffordshire Sentinel, Mrs Jean Ryder sustained the injuries while she was attempting to climb aboard a bus at a Burslem bus stop.

Mrs Ryder has stated that the personal injury claim was a result of the bus stop being left lit poorly in the wake of roadworks being carried out by the local council.  Mrs Ryder also described the bus stop being so strewn with construction equipment so as to resemble nothing so much as a building site.

Due to the loose gravel and lumps of concrete everywhere, Mrs Ryder stated that she fell to the ground while attempting to step up into the vehicle.

The elderly pensioner, herself a grandmother, suffered breaks to both of her wrists that required her arms to be set in plaster for over four weeks.

Ms Ryder stated that the injuries she incurred have impacted her everyday life in a serious manner, as the simple tasks of eating and drinking have become a struggle for her.

The City Council for Stoke-on-Trent has commented that investigative efforts have begun into both the roadworks and the contractors responsible for them.

A spokesperson for the Council also stated that it sympathises with Mrs Ryder, expressing their condolences for her injuries.

Legal experts agree that if local highway departments neglect their duty to carry out proper inspections and fail to repair sections that are knowingly in need of remediation, any pavement tripping accidents that result in injuries may result in result in liability on their part.

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