Car accident claims cheat nabbed in crash for cash scheme

One car accident claims cheat has been nabbed for his role in a crash for cash scheme that saw him pocketing thousands in personal injury compensation for injuries sustained by nonexistent passengers.

One Mr Kashif Mohammed made personal injury claims for people who had no involvement in any of the accidents in which he claimed them as injured parties.

Mr Mohammed has stated that a claims company actually encouraged him to “inflate” his damages.  The company is currently under investigation as part of a related probe into the incidents.

However Mr Mohammed admitted to three counts of fraud relating to three separate traffic accident claims wherein he claimed compensation for “ghost” passengers that were nowhere near his car at the time, let alone in it.

The claims company even went so far to as supply people to serve as actors in order to represent the individuals Mr Mohammed claimed damages for, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

The prosecutor for the case stated that the defendant has admitted he made injury claims for the passengers who were allegedly riding in his vehicle on three separate occasions.  The names of the people he gave were family members who had never been inside the vehicle, and Mr Mohammed was paid more than £10,000 on claims for which he had no entitlement.

The first accident claim was submitted in June of 2008 after a collision between a Volvo and a Rover.  As driver of the Volvo, Mr Mohammed won personal injury compensation of over £8,000 for two family members who were not present at the time.

In January of the following year, a worker employed by Mr Mohammed reversed his delivery van into Mohammed’s VW Sharan.  Again Mr Mohammed made a claim in which a relative was falsely present, claiming an additional £2,550.

Finally the third accident claim occurred in July of 2009 when Mr Mohammed braked abruptly in his Ford Galaxy, which caused the driver behind him to collide with the Galaxy’s rear end.

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