Keep accident claims down this Bonfire Night, experts say

As Bonfire Night rapidly approaches, many accident claim industry experts urge all Brits across the country to not only try to avoid blowing their own hands off in a fit of fireworks-induced frenzy but also to ensure that their home insurance policies are up to date and with proper personal injury compensation cover.

In excess of 6,600 people are injured in and treated for accidents related to fireworks on a yearly basis.  Have of these recorded injuries occur in children under the age of 16.

Home owners could be in for an unpleasant jolt to their wallets if an accident occurs on their property and their personal liability cover is not enough to handle the personal injury claim of the injured party or parties.

Many industry experts have spoken out on the dangers that are looming this week when we go out to remember the 5th of November. Julie Owens, home insurance head for price comparison site commented that with thousands of Bonfire Night fans making plans to watch fireworks for an evening of excitement. Ms Owens urged Guy Fawkes fans that safety is incredibly important due to the highly dangerous nature of fireworks.  Even a simple sparkler can cause terrible damage, she added, as the seemingly-innocuous family favourite can grow as hot as 2,000°C.

If you are planning to put on a home fireworks display, the insurance expert continued, you should check your home insurance policy before someone ends up terribly burnt on the bonfire.  Apart from the obvious pain and injuries suffered by the victim, said Ms Owens, the monetary cost to you may be quite high if your personal liability cover comes up short.

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