Whiplash claims worst in Scotland every November

As Halloween ends and November begins, motor vehicle operators in Scotland were made aware of data that makes the month the most dangerous in regards to the prevalence of motor accident claims.

Shocking new figures released by the Scottish Government revealed that a typical November sees more than 1,500 casualties caused by traffic accident claims.  This exceeds the monthly average rate by more than 100 injuries sustained in motor accidents, the research figures show.

One injury specialist from personal injury lawyers Accident Claims Scotland urged motor vehicle operators to be more careful on Scotland’s roadways during the coming month.

Mr Martin Haggarty spoke upon the dangers of driving without attention and care for the other motorists and pedestrians that share the road, stating that inattentive driving is the primary cause for motor accident claims.  What’s worse, continued Mr Haggarty, is that those most often victimised by bad drivers are blameless and responsible in their own motoring.

November brings both weather that is steadily worsening as well as days that are constantly becoming shorter and shorter, two factors considered to be key for the statistical hike in motor accidents, which range from a simple case of whiplash to paralysis or even death.

Based on official figures for the years 2004 through 2008, an average of nearly 17,000 road casualties occur across the length and breadth of Scotland every year.  The figures also show that the safest month for driving in Scotland is April, where the average number of motor accident victims only number 1,278.

In related news, one study recently determined that hundreds of road accidents could be avoided if instead of setting the clock back an hour in the autumn.

The study argues that if the UK would adopt the Central European Time scheme, which advances the time throughout the year by one hour, the end result would save lives by decreasing the amount of time spent driving in dangerous peak darkness hours.

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