Arctic cruise company admits liability for accident claim

After three years of negotiations, An Arctic cruise ship operator that ventured dangerously close to a glacier admits liability for the accident claim the manoeuvre caused.

The cruise was circumnavigating the Norwegian Svalbard islands in order to showcase the beautiful wildlife and sights in the area to its passengers when the incident that lead to the personal injury claim occurred.  As the ship pulled up alongside the Hornbreen glacier in order to get a close look at the gargantuan floating island of ice, the glacier went through a process called “calving” where a large piece breaks off the surface and falls into the ocean.  The ship was caught in the aftermath of the calving, causing it to be buffeted by a large wave that resulted in the ship listing 45 degrees and sending its passengers scattering across the deck like ninepins.

Kent Councillor Julian Benington was one of those injured in the iceberg calving incident.  Now after a three year legal battle with personal injury lawyers, the Councillor has finally come out on top in his tussle with the operator of the cruise ship in his battle for personal injury compensation.

This declaration of victory has been made because Discover the World Ltd, the operator of the tour, has admitted liability for the incident.  While there had originally been a trial set to determine responsibility for the incident for March of next year, after this latest development it will no longer be a necessity.

One of sixteen injured cruise ship passengers, Councillor Benington and his fellow group claim members are predicted to soon be in receipt of the personal injury compensation they have been seeking for the past three years.  Among the injured was the Councillor’s wife, Valerie, as well.

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