Lawyers altering strategy amidst personal injury claims increase

Just as many firms will screen and job candidate that comes before them through a hiring process, personal injury lawyers will begin to use online resources to root out evidence that may indicate fraudulent or false injury claims.   The aim of the new activity will be to reduce the amount of insurance fraud inevitably leads to increased costs for insurer, which is then passed along to customers through an increase in premium rates.

A shocking number of those who are seeking personal injury compensation , whether it be a purposeful injury or an accidental one, has been contradicted through a process in which comments or pictures posted to websites refute the claimants’ statements.

While originally there was uncertainty over the veracity of online evidence in regards to reducing fraudulent claims, data has shown the practice is garnering results.

The competition for clients in the personal injury sector has rocketed due to the recent increase in claims, and many lawyers have adopted the “no win no fee” model in order to drum up more business.  Because of the practice no win no fee lawyers, since they only generate revenue on winning cases, have become much more vigilant in accepting clients in order to control costs.

One method employed by both prosecution and defense to control those costs is by a thorough website examination to weed out any false claims.  The rising rate that online investigations are performed should impact the size of settlements made by insurance companies, experts say.  Additionally the practice will result in people who have true, legitimate cases receive the compensation they require.

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