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Accident claims made by and against police increase

When it comes to accident claims, those made both by police personnel and made against them seem to be on the increase, though this isn’t universal.

Compensation culture spreads to Northern Ireland

The so-called “compensation culture” has spread to Northern Ireland with the revelation that PSNI has paid out more than £50 million in just three short years.

Work accident claims running rampant?

Is it just me or does it seem like the nation’s places of work are just getting increasingly unsafe for staff and workers?

Injury claims a-plenty predicted for two manufacturers

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed: not one but two manufacturers are likely facing costly injury claims after serious work injuries.

Lib Dems prepare for fight over legal aid bill

The Liberal Democrats are preparing for a fight over the newest iteration of the legal aid bill returning to the Commons tomorrow, as activists, celebrities, and charities have all come together to urge Lib Dem MPs to oppose the bill due to proposed funding cuts that could see too many left with no ability to bring accident claims.

David Cameron draws fire for health and safety comments

Prime Minister David Cameron has drawn fire from the personal injury compensation sector for his statements calling health and safety legislation a burden on business in the UK, where he referred to the legislation as ‘an albatross around the neck.’

MoD to pay out personal injury compensation for mesothelioma

According to one recent newspaper article, the Ministry of Defence is poised to pay out a million pounds in personal injury compensation to the families of three workers who suffered fatally from mesothelioma, an asbestos related disease.

Personal injury claims payments down in Ireland

Payments from insurance companies in Ireland for personal injury compensation have been in decline recently. Ireland’s Injury Board has recently issued a statement that insurers should pass on savings to consumers through the reduction of premiums.

Work accident claims lead to £27 million in awards

Recent figures indicate that work accident claims have led to £27 million in personal injury compensation to workers in the public sector.

HSE calls for reduction to work accident claims

The Health and Safety Executive has issued a fresh call to reduce work accident claims in the UK for the coming year.

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