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Fitness tracker data to be used in personal injury claim?

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all: it turns out that data from one of those fitness trackers is going to play a central role in a personal injury claim.

Car insurance scammers being caught left and right

Fraudsters trying to run scams on car insurance companies are being caught left and right at the moment, which should hopefully keep motoring costs down.

Too many injured are going without compensation

When it comes to claiming personal injury compensation, it seems like all too many Brits are being denied access to justice – and that’s a serious problem.

Insurers say injury claims fraud is a developing problem

Fraudulent personal injury claims made against insurance policies are becoming more and more of a problem, according to the nation’s insurance providers.

Not all accident claim fraudsters are criminal masterminds

While insurers will like to tell you that accident claim fraud is a serious problem right now, the truth is that scammers are caught red handed all the time.

Aviva pushes for consultation, research refutes their claims

Major insurance provider Aviva has been pushing for a Government consultation on whiplash claims, yet even as they do so evidence emerges that it’s not needed.

Government and insurers clash over whiplash claims

The Government and car insurance companies are currently at odds over how to handle the rising tide of personal injury compensation from whiplash claims.

The fight against compensation culture goes ever on

A new salvo has been fired by regulators against personal injury lawyers in an effort to combat so-called compensation culture, but will it really do anything?

Insurers up in arms over car accident claim figures

The British insurance industry has had it with the state of the car accident claims sector amidst complaints that crash for cash schemes are running rampant.

Whiplash backlash as legal costs rise, could affect claimants

Legal costs for whiplash claims are on the rise, prompting new measures designed to stem the rising tide but may end up hurting legitimate claimants.

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