Car accident claim leads to £11k compensation payout

A road accident claim made by a seriously injured grandfather from Chelmsford following being struck from his bicycle by a hit and run driver has resulted in a payout of £11,000 in personal injury compensation, legal experts recently reported.

Great Waltham native Jack Dixon, fifty nine years old, had been cycling home when he was victimised by a hit and run driver.  According to Mr Dixon’s personal injury claims, he was struck when a driver  had attempted to avoid a set of temporary traffic lights that had been installed in the village on Broomfield Road by making a sharp left turn.

In a recent interview with reporters for the Brentford Weekly News newspaper, Mr Dixon recounted how the front wheel of his bicycle was knocked clean off in the collision with the other vehicle, which sent him careering onto the road.  The fifty nine year old grandfather was left with both a dislocated shoulder and a fractured shoulder blade as a result of the crash, the newspaper reported.

The driver of the car immediately fled the scene of the accident.  However, a witness to the incident set off in pursuit of the vehicle, managing to take down the registration number of the hit and run driver.

Mr Dixon launched a compensation claim against the insurance company that covered the driver and was given a damages award of £11,000 for his pain and suffering once the insurer accepted liability for his injuries.  The man informed the newspaper that he was quite grateful to the member of the public that pursued the driver in order to take down the car’s details, as the Good Samaritan’s actions made it possible to track down the driver.

Berkshire man seeks £300k in road accident claim

One man from Berkshire has made a road accident claim for £300,000 after he sustained severe personal in jury when the car in which he was travelling collided with a wall, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

Tilehurst, Reading native Steven Whitcher, thirty two years of age, had been riding in his friend Christopher Harwood’s Vauxhall Vectra as Mr Harwood drove the vehicle along the A340 near Theale, according to a recent article appearing in the Reading Post.  As the vehicle drew close to a T-junction, a car crossed Mr Harwood’s path, forcing him to take steps to avoid colliding with it and leading the driver to lose control of the car, sending it careering into a wall, according to Mr Witcher’s personal injury claims.

The collision left Mr Whitcher, who had been riding in the front passenger seat at the time, with severe injuries including a dislocated knee and a fractured right leg.  The thirty two year old man has also been diagnosed with a psychological condition known as travel anxiety, and is currently being treated for the illness by a cognitive behavioural therapist.

Mr Whitcher has also launched a personal injury compensation claim against the driver of the other car that caused the accident, Patrick Llewelyn-Davies, claiming that if the other driver had been acting with due care, the  incident would have never occurred.  Mr Llewelyn-Davies’ insurance providers have since admitted liability for Mr Whitcher’s injuries, but the total compensation award to be paid to the injured man has yet to be settled upon, experts say.

Family from Hertfordshire launches road accident claim

After their 12 year old son sustained severe personal injuries in a motorcycle accident, one family from Hertfordshire has launched a road accident claim for compensatory damages.

According to motorcycle accident claim experts writing for the Watford Observer newspapers, Chorleywood native Nathan Atkins, of Capell Road, had been travelling as a pillion passenger on the Honda Firestorm motorbike owned by his father when it collided with a Ford Fiesta.  Young Nathan was hurled from his father’s motorcycle as a result of the accident, blood seeping from his ears and nose, and was rushed to the Royal London Hospital for treatment immediately following the incident.

The 12 year old boy was then transferred to the specialised paediatric unit of the King’s College Hospital, where he was treated for more than three weeks as the injuries to his head healed.   Young Nathan’s family has since launched a personal injury compensation claim against Jenniver Slavik, the driver of the Ford Fiesta.

Ms Slavik, who lives in Carpenders Park in Leigh Road, was driving negligently, causing the traffic collision due to not keeping a proper lookout and driving directly into the path of the motorcycle, according to the family’s personal injury claims.

Mrs Slavik, who has already received four penalty points on her license and a fine, has already entered a guilty plea of driving with a lack of due care and attention.  The amount of compensation that may be involved in the personal injury compensation case has not yet been disclosed, but due to the severity of the young boy’s injuries, experts believe it could be as much as £300,000.

Motorcyclist seriously injured in RTA, claims £300k

After sustaining serious injuries in an RTA where he collided with a car, one motorcyclist is set to claim £300,000 in personal injury compensation from the driver.

Pudsey, West Yorkshire native Robert McPherson, aged fifty five, filed a motorcycle accident claim after he sustained serious multiple injuries in a collision between a Toyota Corolla and his Moto Guzzi motorcycle.

According to a news story in the Northern Echo newspaper which revealed the details of the road accident claim, the driver of the Corolla had pulled out of a junction directly into Mr McPherson’s path.  The self-employed electrician suffered hip, rib, arm, and shoulder fractures in the incident, in addition to a pulmonary embolism and a serious pelvic injury.

The motorcycle rider has since launched a personal injury compensation claim against Michael Kitching, the driver of the Corolla, for a total of £300,000 in compensatory damages, according to the newspaper article.  Documents presented to the High Court in Leeds describe how negligence on the part of Mr Kitching caused the collisions.

These court documents also say that Mr McPherson’s myriad injuries have had a deleterious affect on his electrician business.  Mr McPherson no longer has the capability of carrying out the same duties he did previous to the accident, according to these court papers.

The driver of the car has made an admission of liability for the road traffic accident, according to the court papers.  A letter sent from Mr Kitching’s car insurance company confirmed this fact.

No further information is available regarding any possible settlements out of court between Mr McPherson and Mr Kitching’s insurance company at this time.

Bus company refuses car accident claim

One South Yorkshire mum was recently infuriated when a motor accident claim that resulted in garden to her damage wall was refused by the company that owned the vehicle.

After a bus had been abandoned due to heavy snow, pranksters released its handbrake and rolled it down the hill into Pat Drayton’s home on Workshop Road, Swallownest.  The resultant traffic accident claim caused £1,000 pounds of damage and barred Mrs Drayton from leaving her home for nearly an entire day.

Mrs Drayton and her husband John found that the bus had damaged their wall once it had been towed away.  The brickwork had been dislodged by the collision. However when the Draytons filed a road accident claim against the bus company they were told by the company’s insurers that they would not be entitled to any compensatory damages.  The reason given was that the accident did not occur at the fault of the driver.

The 51 year old married woman stated that the insurer callously disregarded the couple’s dilemma.  Due to the fact that the actual perpetrators of the act will never be found, both she and her husband were suffering the consequences, she added.

South Yorkshire deputy managing director for the bus company Brandon Jones expressed his incredulous disbelief that an anonymous band of culprits managed to dislodge the bus.  Calling their behaviour mindlessly idiotic, he nevertheless stated that the bus company cannot be held accountable for the actions of vandals or the effects of inclement weather conditions.

The bus had become stuck on the hill above Mrs Drayton’s house at around 7 in the evening.  Around three hours later, the bus then rolled down to come to a crashing halt against her garden wall.  Mrs Drayton stated that based on how many cars were being abandoned all around it, the bus was quite obviously blocking the entire road.

No win no fee accident claims may rise after Christmas

According to one firm, no win no fee accident claims may rise after the Christmas celebration season.

According to one insurer, the threat of traffic accident claims is heightened by more than drink drivers.  Passengers who exceed the legal limit also account for a rise in claims as well.

Swift Cover stated recently that individuals that are behind the wheel are no more in danger of suffering road accident claims than are those who ride as passengers in the same car.

In a study recently conducted by the insurance firm, passengers over the legal limit were found to contribute to 100,00 accidents. The study also found that 650,000 near misses can be attributable to inebriated passengers as well.  With an estimated 35 million tipsy partygoers set to beg a ride by the New Year, these figures could be set to increase.

Swift Cover’s claims director Robin Reames commented on the firm’s research.  Reames stated that the study sheds new light onto a hitherto-unknown danger that motorists may face in driving their intoxicated relatives or friends home from Christmas or New Years celebrations.

With the recent bout of ice and snow the UK has been experiencing, the weather may only exacerbate things even more.  Fellow insurer AA Insurance recently revealed that road accident claims have risen by as much as 100 per cent during the wintry weather.

The insurer indicated that due to the snow and ice blanketing the country, even sober motorists have been having extreme difficulty in keeping their cars on the road.  Drivers have been losing control on hills and sharp turns and have been barreling into kerbs , other motorists, and even parked cars.

Insurance companies have stated that foul weather should be taken very seriously.  They recommend heeding the warnings of local authorities and limiting car trips to only when strictly necessary.

Former police officer wins road accident claim

One ex police superintendent recently won a personal injury compensation claim following an arm injury in a bus related road accident claim.

Bramcote, Nottingham native Robert Pattison suffered a ruptured bicep tendon shortly after boarding the number thirty bus.  The seventy eight year old man had to desperately grab for a safety rail when the bus suddenly set off.  The sudden jolt led to his personal injury claims as a result.

Mr Pattison’s injury claims included an inability to carry anything heavy with his right hand since the incident.  Additionally he stated that he has had difficulty sleeping since he suffered the injury, as the pain could be quite severe at times.

Nottingham City Transport refused to accept liability for the incident.  However after a lengthy court battle, the transportation authority has agreed to settle out of court with Mr Pattison to the tune of £4,000 in personal injury compensation.

Mr Pattison expressed happiness that the case had ultimately come to its conclusion.  However he did describe the amount of compensation he received as worthy of derision due to its laughably small amount.

One Nottingham City Transport spokesperson commented on the recent case by stating that passenger safety was of the utmost importance to the organisation.  However the spokesperson did stress that despite this focus on safety, things can and do occasionally go wrong.  The spokesperson concluded by stating that since more than 50 million Nottinghamshire residents ride its buses on a yearly basis sometimes the unfortunate accident does occur.

Industry experts agree that many defendants in personal injury claim cases will opt to settle out of court.  Such settlements are usually prompted by a reluctance to continue paying costs as any given legal matter becomes more and more lengthy and protracted.

£35,000 personal injury claim for one disabled man

After tripping over a cracked step, one severely disabled man has recently won a personal injury claim that has resulted in a £35,000 award.

After a serious road accident claim six years ago resulted in the loss of both of his legs, Colin Adamson has been unable to walk without relying on crutches to do so.  Mr Adamson’s legs were both amputated, one below the knee and the other just above it.  While he was calling upon a friend in Bangor, County Down at the Kearney Gardens housing estate, he tripped over the step and fell.

He fell very hard upon the footpath and damaged his elbow quite severely.  Mr Adamson had to be rushed to hospital once more for surgery in order to repair damage to his elbow.  His injury claims led to screws and plates being necessary to repair his damaged joint. His mobility has been greatly reduced in that arm as well, his personal injury claim stated.

Mr Adamson’s friend, who lives at the estate, testified that the cracks in the steps were not only present but were a feature. The dangerous nature of the steps in their cracked condition was furthermore corroborated by an engineer as well.

Sir Declan Morgan sided with Mr Adamson at trial.  The Lord Chief Justice agreed that the double amputee was entitled to personal injury compensation totaling £35,000 in order to cover not only his medical costs but to account for his pain and suffering as well. The judge also stated that Mr Adamson’s function will most likely be impeded in the long term as a result of his injuries as well, which contributed to the size of the plaintiff’s claim.

There is no indication at this time that the defendant in the case is considering an appeal.

Road accident claim leads to £2.45 million payout

One road accident claim has resulted in a personal injury compensation of £2.45 million, reports the Oxford Times.

One man has finally won his compensation claim after a traffic accident claim left him with serious head and brain injuries in 2001. Compensation awards can sometimes take several years to be settled, as demonstrated by the near decade it as taken for the man’s case t be closed.

The young man had been 24 years old at the time of the accident.  While he was cycling nearby Oxford Brookes University where he was a student, he was struck by a car.  The road accident claim was so severe that his head and brain injuries left him in a coma for more than a year while he underwent treatment. The man has had to rely on round the clock care since his injuries from a team of support workers at a number of hospitals over the past nine years.

The London High Court judge awarded the man with a £2.45 million lump sum compensation.  Additionally the traffic accident claim victim will also receive yearly tax free payments of £120,000 in order to provide him with the car he will need for the remainder of his life.

Cyclists commonly become involved in accidents.  However substantial compensation amounts are more uncommon. In the current case the severity of the injuries the cyclist suffered were taken into account by the courts.  Additionally the victim’s need for 24 hour care from a wide variety of specialists and caregivers also played a role in the size of his compensation award. Unfortunately the injuries the cyclist sustained in the accident will be with him for the rest of his life.  However the compensation award he received will enable him to be financially secure and not want for any medical needs he may have in the future.

Local authority to pay £20,000 on road accident claim

After a road accident claim in Scotland, one local authority is set to pay out £20,000 in personal injury compensation.

after one of its vehicles collided with a coach.

The incident involved an Aberdeenshire Council snowplough and a Stagecoach Bluebird coach in late 2009.  The Press and Journal reported that the traffic accident claim happened just two days shy of Christmas.

It is common for regional governments to pay out in personal injury compensation cases related to road accident claims.  The Croydon Advertiser recently reported that Croydon Council spent more than £615,000 last year alone.  The sum covered the cost of incidents involving damaged driving surfaces, manholes, and other related personal injury claims.

Local authorities in Scotland have released in excess of £10 million towards compensation over the past three years.  The Aberdeenshire Council alone is responsible for nearly £500,000 on costs related to compensating for injuries over the three year period.

Personal injury claims may also be more common during times of cold, wintry weather.  The Croydon Advertiser also stated that frost, snow, and ice related injuries accounted for 60 per cent of the largest sums awarded in compensation over the course of last year.

Many insurers concerned with rising costs attached to an increase in claims have been exhorting their customers to be more careful.  Several of these insurance providers have released recent statement encouraging drivers to exercise higher levels of caution on the road during poor weather.  Others have reminded motorists to ensure their cars have been properly winterised to avoid incidents caused by faulty windscreen wiper blades and headlights.

Others still have gone to extreme lengths.  One insurer recently issued warnings to its customers that driving with thick-soled winter boots could result in a car accident by making it hard to operate the pedals properly.  This company suggested keeping a pair of “driving shoes” in the boot of the car to cut down on the number of accidents generated by slips of the foot.