North Wales Police Force nearly cripples pensioner

While sometimes police officers are injured in the line of duty, at other times regular citizens end up suffering injuries at their hands, much as Beryl Evans suffered recently after the grandmother of two was struck by police car.

Mrs Evans, a ninety one year old pensioner, has decided to seek personal injury compensation for the incident, which saw hospitalised for seven long months after she was struck by a police vehicle as she tried to cross the road. The grandmum sustained a broken elbow, arm, and leg, and nearly crippled her; according to her personal injury claims, there is a good chance that she may not be able to walk again.

How does a police officer just up and smash into a ninety one year old woman? It’s not like pensioners just dart across the street like a stray cat, and when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, it’s usually a case of careless driving on the part of the driver, but a Dolgellau Magistrates’ Court hearing cleared the driver of reckless driving.

However, the injured woman and her family have instead made a civil car accident claim against the police. Mrs Evans’ daughter, Yvonne, was righteously angry in a statement, remarking how her mother had been ‘robbed’ of her her independence  – and she has a point, considering how one of Mrs Evans’ favourite pastimes was taking regular walks in an effort to remain fit.

North Wales Police Force has been tight-lipped as always. With a matter currently ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment on the case, a spokesman said.

93% of Brits support government clampdown on whiplash claims

An overwhelming majority of Brits are completely fed up with the personal injury compensation sector, with a massive 93 per cent supporting any government clampdown on accident claims involving whiplash, a new survey recently discovered.

Two out of every three drivers surveyed by the research study said that the government’s new proposed plans to subject whiplash claims to closer medical scrutiny because the UK’s ‘compensation culture’ has gotten completely out of hand.  Meanwhile, an additional 27 per cent remarked that the new proposals, which would see alleged victims of whiplash assessed by independent doctor panels, were needed in order to stop car insurance costs from going up any more than they already have.

People are simply fed up with having to fit the legal bill for the insurance industry as a result of the surge of whiplash claims, experts say, as current estimates exist that claim whiplash-related legal matters cost insurers £2 billion in compensation payments in 2011 alone, and that this £2 billion is recovered from honest, harried motorists by raising the average premium price by around £90.  Insurance specialists have welcomed the new proposals as well, adding that it’s another important step in managing motoring costs for UK drivers.

Industry experts said they were encouraged to see the government continuing to take action, much as they did last year in banning personal injury lawyers from taking referral fees, which were found to be one of the biggest reasons the number of car accident claim figures were rising at such an unmanageable pace.  Things had gotten so bad that, even though the number of car accidents have gone down by around 23 per cent over the last six years, the number of claims being made had actually increased by a factor of 70 per cent – something industry insiders blamed on lawyers and claims management companies flogging lists of personal details purchased from insurers to look for drivers interested in making a claim.

Woman injured in crash abroad launches car accident claim

A woman left seriously injured in the wake of a crash whilst abroad in Poland has launched a car accident claim for in excess of £300,000 in personal injury compensation, according to a writ recently submitted to the High Court of London.

Katarzyna Cieslar, of Huddersfield, had been riding in the back seat of a Fiat Punto when it collided with a BMW at a crossroads in Poland, causing her to sustain several severe injuries.  The 28 year old woman, who resides at Jagger Lane, Honley, has filed personal injury claims against an insurance company based in Warsaw named  Powszecbby Zaklad Ubezpiczen.

Ms Cieslar’s legal team claim that the insurance firm, which covered Michal Cieslar, the Fiat’s driver, and are required to cover him against the injuries his actions caused to Ms Cieslar, are bound by Polish Law for the road traffic accident that occurred in February of 2010.  Mr Cieslar, who faced a conviction in June of 2011 as a result of the RTA, was granted a  suspended jail sentence and three years’ worth of probation by the Polish courts.

Ms Cieslar claims that the injuries she sustained in the accident include fractures to the sacral bones located in her back, complex fractures to her right leg, a fractured left collar bone, an injured pelvis, a fractured neck, and a brain injury as well.  The young woman still suffers pain from her devastating injuries to this day.

Mr Cieslar was negligent, according to the High Court writ, and is liable for the accident due to his failure to keep a proper lookout before turning into the BMW’s path.

Disabled twin nets £2.5 million from his car accident claim

After comparing a twenty year old man to his twin brother in order to determine how much personal injury compensation he should be entitled to, the twin – disabled as the result from a road traffic accident at the age of eight – has recently been awarded £2.5 million, car accident claim experts recently reported.

Sam Boreham, who was left injured after the RTA 12 years ago, sustained devastating and permanent brain damage when the car he was traveling in struck a stationary one on the M1 motoroway.  The insurers of the driver have reached a settlement with Sam, who will receive an immediate £1.1 million lump sum payment, along with £23,000 annually for the rest of his life in order to provide for his lifetime care needs.

At the High Court hearing to determine the level of compensation due to Mr Boreham, the injured man’s legal team stated that the possibility of a settlement being reached had been prevented by an inability to determine the full extent of the injuries he suffered to his brain until Mr Boreham reached adulthood.  However, the unique nature of the case, which involved Mr Boreham’s twin brother who had emerged unscathed from the incident, gave medical professionals an exact benchmark to gauge the injured man’s development, thus making it possible to pinpoint the nature and severity of the trauma he suffered to his brain.

In related news, another individual injured in the crash also resolved her own personal battle to receive a compensation payout.  Rosie Mayes, who is now tetraplegic following the accident, was finally given an undisclosed sum understood to be in the seven figures in order to pay for her intensive care needs, experts say.

Car accident claim nets scooter rider £5.5 million in damages

A car accident claim made by a scooter rider from Devon has seen the injured man awarded a personal injury compensation payout of £5.5 million in order to provide for his round the clock care needs, experts say.

Personal injury claims experts writing for the Plymouth Herald newspaper recently reported that David Andrew Ireland, a native of Ivybridge, had been only sixteen years of age when a car collided with him while he rode on his scooter near his home.  The young man, now twenty one years of age, has been suffering from the effects of the incident ever since, as he has been in need of 24 hour a day care after his injuries left him with epilepsy and severe brain damage.

The young man launched the compensation claim against the insurance company of the driver that struck him, thanks to the help of his mother, Susan Palmer.  The insurers admitted liability for David’s injuries, but argued that the young man had partially been to blame for the accident, but a settlement was reached in London’s High Court where the insurers have accepted ninety five per cent liability, leading the young man to receive a compensation payment understood to be worth approximately £5.5 million.

The money, which is expected to be disbursed as a single lump sum to be followed by yearly index-linked payments, will go towards providing the specialised equipment, suitable accommodations, and daily care that the young man will need in order to function for the rest of his life.

Nottinghamshire woman wins appeal, may claim compensation

A woman from Nottinghamshire has recently won her appeal, allowing her to claim personal injury compensation against the driver of the police car that struck her while in response to an emergency call.

Rebecca Ann Smith, twenty three years of age, had been crossing Canal Street in Nottingham city centre when she was struck by a speeding police car.  She suffered massive, persistent brain injuries in the accident, which saw her thrown over the bonnet and coming to rest on the roof of the police car, and launched a car accident claim against the Nottinghamshire Police Force for her injuries.

However, Ms Smith was barred from seeking compensation after a Nottingham County Court hearing found her 75 per cent responsible for her own injuries.  The injured woman’s personal injury lawyers appealed this decisoin at the Court of Appeal in London, resulting in a ruling that the driver of the vehicle must be held responsible for the incident.

The original verdict of the County Court had been incorrect, according to Ms Smith’s legal team, who made the argument that the police driver had been acting in a negligent manner.  Now that the appeal court has reversed the original court’s decision, the injured woman could now receive compensation for her injuries, with industry experts making an estimate of one million pounds or more, especially if her injuries will require extensive lifetime care.

The Nottinghamshire Police Force declined to comment on the recent reversal when given the opportunity to do so by the media.

Londoner awarded £750k from her car accident claim

One Londoner was recently awarded £750,000 in damages in a successful car accident claim due to the serious personal injuries she sustained in a multi-vehicle RTA, industry experts report.

Devbai Patel, a sixty year old residing in Neasden on Carnfield Avenue, had been struck by a truck that had hit a brick wall after it collided with a Peugot that had been sent careering out of control with its own collision with a Vauxhall on Neasden’s North Circular Road.  The freak series of events killed the driver of the truck and injured Mrs Patel, according to the mother of four’s personal injury claims.

In a recent article in the Brent and Kilburn Times newspaper, it was reported that the sixty year old woman sustained serious and life altering injuries due to the accident, including but not limited to several fractured bones and a severe injury to the head with left her with serious brain damage.  Thanks to the aid of Kunverji, her husband, Mrs Patel launched a personal injury compensation claim against the insurance provider of the individual who had been driving the Vauxhall at the time the accident was initiated in all its deadly, Rube Goldberg-like glory.

The insurers admitted full liability for the accident and entered into a settlement agreement with Mrs Patel, who received £750,000 in a lump sum payment.  The sixty year old mother of four will also receive tax free, index linked payments annually of £25,000 in order to cover the cost of the care she now requires for the remainder of her life.

The Vauxhall’s driver faced criminal charges of causing death by dangerous driving and was convicted of the offence.

Lollipop lady’s husband seeking compensation for her accident

After a lollipop lady from Tyne and Wear was struck by a car, her husband has made a car accident claim on his wife’s behalf.

According to a recent article appearing in the Shields Gazette newspaper, Eleanor Harman had been on duty in South Shields on Beach Road when she was knocked over by a motorist while the fifty nine year old was on duty.  Mrs Harmon had been wearing a high visibility jacket and holding her lollipop at the time of the collision with Margaret Boyles, a sixty nine year old grandmother from South Shields, traffic accident claim experts report.

Mrs Boyles, of Fox Avenue, has since appeared before South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court where she was convicted of careless driving.  The elderly grandmother was told to pay court costs of £500, a £95 fine, and also has had four penalty points added to her driving license.

In the immediate wake of the accident, the injured lollipop lady was rushed to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle where she spent two days in the hospital’s intensive care unit.  She was then transferred to the Walkergate Park Centre’s brain injury specialist ward.

In order to cover the high costs associated with his wife’s future rehabilitation and lifelong care, Mrs Harman’s husband, Harry, has since launched a personal injury compensation claim against Mrs Boyles’ insurer.  The lives of Mr Harman and his wife will never be the same again, he told the newspaper, after she suffered serious injuries due to someone else’s careless driving.

Car accident claim leads to £4 million payout for cyclist

The car accident claim made by a cyclist for the injuries he sustained after a hit and run driver knocked him from his bicycle has led to a £4 million personal injury compensation payout, industry experts recently reported.

Former tennis coach Patrice Gougam, fifty five years of age, had been traveling by bicycle from Barnet to Potters Bar on the Great North Road when the Hertfordshire native was struck by Michael Elliot’s Land Rover.  The sixty six year old man initially fled the accident scene.

Mr Gougam sustained devastating injuries to his brain, spending nearly a month in a coma as a result.  He was then transferred to the National Hospital for Neurosurgery and Neurology at Bloomsbury as he recovered, according to the man’s personal injury claims.

Mr Gougam, who had at one time been Enfield Chase Tennis Club’s head tennis coach, is now confined to a wheelchair and requires specialised care around the clock for his needs, including having to be fed through the use of a tube.  Mr Elliot, who had been suffering from glaucoma and cataracts when he struck Mr Guogam and caused his injuries, has since been sentenced to a prison term of eight months after admitting to driving dangerously.

Virginia, wife of Mr Gougam, spoke in the wake of the High Court hearing against Mr Elliott’s insurance provider, commenting that she and her husband could move forward with their lives safely knowing that her husband will be able to receive the highest quality of care for the remainder of his life.

South Yorkshire Police involved in more than a thousand RTAs

Vehicles owned and operated by the South Yorkshire Police Authority have been involved in more than 1,000 RTAs over a period of three years, car accident claim experts recently reported.

According to a recent article in the Sheffield Telegraph newspaper, police have had to pay out nearly £750,000 in personal injury compensation due to injuries sustained in the collisions.  More than 200 people were injured in these incidents, the newspaper also reported.

A police spokesperson remarked that from a statistical standpoint the accident rate was actually quite minimal, especially when compared to the amount of time police personnel spend within their vehicles.  Nearly twelve million miles are driven every year by the force’s 750 vehicles, which include dog cars and vans, crime scene investigation vehicles, and rapid response cars.

Bob Dyson, South Yorkshire’s Temporary Chief Constable, remarked that police officers were given exhaustive training behind the wheel in order to respond swiftly and safely to an emergency.  However, accidents still happen on occasion due to the nature of police work, Mr Dyson added.

The police authority also has their own internal claim fund, the temporary chief constable went on to say.  This fund was used to provide compensation to anyone involved in a road traffic accident with a police vehicle through no fault of their own.

There are two investigations currently underway for alleged motoring offences committed by police officers involved in the incidents.  Four police drivers have already been subject to disciplinary hearings for their roles in accidents, sources say.