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Posts (755)  
   1.  ‘No win no fee’ spreading to football clubs
   2.  11 year old girl seeks compensation through accident claim
   3.  13 year old girl falls 4 metres from fairground attraction
   4.  1886 Riot Damages Act will not cover personal injury claims
   5.  24 per cent of motorists avoid making car accident claims
   6.  26 bus passengers make car accident claims in Belfast incident
   7.  600kg of smashed eggs leads to work accident claim
   8.  8 Jobcentre workers win £12k in personal injury compensation
   9.  93% of Brits support government clampdown on whiplash claims
   10.  AA not raising rates after accidents with the uninsured
   11.  ABI calls for action to free firms from compensation culture
   12.  ABI calls for personal injury claim reforms
   13.  ABI launches new code whilst Biba follows in its footsteps
   14.  ABI says new OFT investigation could lead to reforms
   15.  Abused woman seeks personal injury compensation from council
   16.  Accident claim award criminally low, says wounded soldier
   17.  Accident claim costs re-cycling company £13,000
   18.  Accident claim filed by Essex factory worker
   19.  Accident claim fraudster jailed for contempt
   20.  Accident claim handling firm reports lukewarm profits
   21.  Accident claim industry worth in excess of £3bn a year
   22.  Accident claim leads to death of electrician
   23.  Accident claim leads to £10k personal injury compensation
   24.  Accident claim leads to £12k payout for injured woman
   25.  Accident claim leaves man paralysed at work
   26.  Accident claims against local authority cost £1.2m in 2011
   27.  Accident claims are more than just slips, trips, and falls
   28.  Accident solicitor experts report serious injury in Hayes
   29.  Accident solicitor goes into administration – 40 jobs lost
   30.  Accident solicitor informs public of legal rights
   31.  Accident solicitor warns motorists on winter weather
   32.  Accident victims further preyed upon by authority figures
   33.  Accident victims to be held responsible for own injuries?
   34.  Accidents fall, yet accident claims continue to increase
   35.  Accidents net claimants tens of thousands in compensation
   36.  Agency worker loses fingers at Shropshire farm
   37.  Air ambulance pilot cheats death, wins £100k accident claim
   38.  AJAG speaks out on personal injury claims reforms
   39.  Ambulance chasers a problem? Not as much as the Government
   40.  Ambulance crash creates claim for compensation
   41.  Ambulance technician makes £60k work accident claim
   42.  And you thought that your childhood was dangerous!
   43.  Another horse rider denied personal injury compensation
   44.  APIL calls for action on asbestos-injury last resort fund
   45.  APIL protests lack of discussion time on no win no fee
   46.  APIL says insurers, government needs to face the facts
   47.  APIL takes legal action regarding lack of discount rate review
   48.  APIL warns that changing no win no fee will not solve problems
   49.  APIL welcomes no win no fee exemption decision
   50.  Arctic cruise company admits liability for accident claim
   51.  Are hospitals the least safe spots in the UK?
   52.  Are lawyers encouraging GPs to exaggerate claimant injuries?
   53.  Are no win no fee legal claims as bad as people say?
   54.  Are politicians simply targeting no win no fee lawyers?
   55.  Asbestos victims urged to claim personal injury compensation
   56.  Bad burns for one Essex man at Chelmsford engineering plant
   57.  Barmaid seeks personal injury compensation after injury
   58.  Bedfordshire Police pay out £45k on work accident claims
   59.  Bereaved mother settles medical negligence claim
   60.  Berkshire man seeks £300k in road accident claim
   61.  Beware accident claims caused by Christmas trees this season
   62.  Big claims this week, some of which may not be deserved
   63.  Birmingham City Council spends £5m on work accident claims
   64.  Birmingham mother to file car accident claim
   65.  Birmingham pensioner has harrowing near-miss
   66.  Birth injury nets £10.8 million in medical negligence compensation
   67.  Blackburn father makes £300k car accident claim, wins
   68.  Blame in the time of high legal costs
   69.  Blind man seeks compensation after Tasered by police
   70.  Blinded schoolgirl to receive medical negligence compensation
   71.  Bolton man loses arm at work, considers no win no fee claim
   72.  Bolton woman wins £3,500 from accident claim
   73.  Botched hip surgery leads to £100k medical negligence case
   74.  Boy shocked by faulty hair dryer, awarded £1,750 in damages
   75.  Boy wins medical negligence claim for devastating brain injury
   76.  Bradford roofer wins work accident claim, awarded £70k
   77.  Brain damaged boy receives massive compensation award
   78.  Brewery driver may file for personal injury compensation
   79.  Bristol lighting company ordered to pay £20,000 to employee
   80.  Bristol sub-contractor sustains serious injury to his head
   81.  Brits meet their match when it comes to accident claim fraud
   82.  Builder nearly slain by live electricity cable
   83.  Burn victim launches £2 million personal injury claim
   84.  Burned teenage worker files work accident claim
   85.  Burnley skip worker wins £175k work accident claim
   86.  Bus company refuses car accident claim
   87.  Businesswoman seeks £54m in personal injury compensation
   88.  Cambridge man wins £1,000 injury claim against McDonalds
   89.  Cameraman may make work accident claim for fall from height
   90.  Camping accident leads to personal injury compensation
   91.  Can no one be trusted to be honest when it comes to injuries?
   92.  Cancer sufferer wins £3,000 medical negligence claim
   93.  Cancer-stricken man files £300,000 medical negligence claim
   94.  Car accident claim backfires, results in £9k legal bill
   95.  Car accident claim leads to £11k compensation payout
   96.  Car accident claim leads to £178k in damages for family
   97.  Car accident claim leads to £4 million payout for cyclist
   98.  Car accident claim nets scooter rider £5.5 million in damages
   99.  Car accident claim victim wins personal injury compensation
   100.  Car accident claims being low-balled by some insurers
   101.  Car accident claims cheat nabbed in crash for cash scheme
   102.  Car dealership employee falls through skylight, suffers injury
   103.  Carlisle girl wins £5.6m medical negligence claim
   104.  Carpenter loses two fingers in gruesome work accident
   105.  Cemetery worker receives £65k in personal injury compensation
   106.  Changing clocks could result in more car accident claims
   107.  Chef makes personal injury claims, receives six figure award
   108.  Cheshire worker may file for personal injury compensation
   109.  Child suffers serious injuries at celebrity-owned safari park
   110.  Cleaner from Mansfield awarded £12k from work accident claim
   111.  Colchester schoolgirl wins medical negligence claim
   112.  Collapsing roof leads to accident claim for demolition worker
   113.  Compensation claim considered by Hartlepool worker
   114.  Compensation culture needs to stop, say accident claim insurers
   115.  Compensation takes time, but when it arrives…
   116.  Construction company fails to secure cladding, injures two
   117.  Construction worker hurt, may file work accident claim
   118.  Construction worker injured in fall from scaffolding
   119.  Construction worker injured, considers work accident claim
   120.  Construction worker suffers personal injury at work in fall
   121.  Construction worker suffers serious work accident
   122.  Contractor loses two fingers, may make work accident claim
   123.  Cook falls into curry pot, suffers serious burn injuries
   124.  Council employee falls out of bed, wins £5k in compensation
   125.  Council litter collector suffers personal injury claim
   126.  Council pays more than £6.3k in personal injury compensation
   127.  Council pays out more than £57k in accident claims
   128.  Council worker wins £4,600 in personal injury compensation
   129.  County council pays out £330k in injury claims
   130.  County Durham man loses arm in devastating accident at work
   131.  Courts cracking down on personal injury claims fraud
   132.  Crane driver seeks compensation for life changing injuries
   133.  Criticism for Justice Secretary’s “no win no fee” restrictions
   134.  Cumbrian farm worker awarded personal injury compensation
   135.  Custody officer nets £100k in personal injury compensation
   136.  Cycle accident claim leads to £5,000 award
   137.  Cyclist deaths & accident claims increase during recessions
   138.  Cyclist hit by truck, injured in RTA, wins accident claim
   139.  Cyclist in Lancashire blames botched repair job for RTA
   140.  Cyclist pursuing car accident claim after injuries
   141.  Cyclist seeks £300k in damages after RTA
   142.  Cyclist sues for injuries caused in accident with police car
   143.  Damages awards set to increase next year by 10 per cent
   144.  Dangerous town centre junction will continue to have RTAs
   145.  David Cameron draws fire for health and safety comments
   146.  Defendants giveth, and defendants taketh away
   147.  Delivery driver may file personal injury claim after accident
   148.  Delivery driver wins £500,000 from work accident claim
   149.  Demolition worker caught in gas pipe explosion at work
   150.  Derbyshire worker traps both arms in machine, suffers injuries
   151.  Digger driver considering work accident claim after injury
   152.  Disabled twin nets £2.5 million from his car accident claim
   153.  Discount rate review may lead to increased injury claims awards
   154.  Dressage rider makes car accident claim for £300k
   155.  Driver collides with stray horse, asks for £3.8 million
   156.  Driver flees scene of RTA with injured motorcyclist
   157.  Driver makes personal injury claim against employer
   158.  Driver sued for £150k in damages in car accident claim
   159.  Drivers encouraged to make injury claims, says TSC
   160.  Driving sims lead to more car accidents, says new study
   161.  Drunken pedestrian struck by bus wins traffic accident claim
   162.  E coli personal injury compensation could run into millions
   163.  East London worker makes work accident claim for burns
   164.  Edinburgh guesthouse owner wins her £7,500 accident claim
   165.  Edinburgh pothole accident claims soar to £40k annually
   166.  Elderly great grandmother wins her accident claim
   167.  Elderly pensioner awarded personal injury compensation
   168.  Electrocution and fall leads to work accident claim
   169.  Employee considers work accident claim for severed finger
   170.  Employee falls from height, may file for damages
   171.  Employee falls from roof of truck, may make work accident claim
   172.  Employee loses fingertip, considers work accident claim
   173.  Employee loses hand, may file work accident claim
   174.  Employee loses thumb in gruesome printing press accident
   175.  Employee may make work accident claim for lost fingers
   176.  Employee to make work accident claim after factory incident
   177.  Employee’s hand severed, states work accident claim
   178.  Engineer awarded £100,000 personal injury claim settlement
   179.  Engineer loses fingertip, say work accident claim experts
   180.  Engineer makes £750,000 work accident claim
   181.  Engineering firm fined in drill related work accident claim
   182.  Engineering firms neglect the safety of their employees
   183.  Equestrian enthusiasts warned against no win no fee claims
   184.  Essex man awarded £35,000 personal injury compensation
   185.  Essex man catches fire, reports one work accident claim
   186.  Essex man seeks medical negligence compensation for son
   187.  Everton man suffers personal injury at work
   188.  Expert recommends changes to reduce medical negligence costs
   189.  Factory worker loses four fingers in work accident claim
   190.  Fairground ride collapses, leaves woman severely injured
   191.  Falls from height can ruin the day of any business
   192.  False motor accident claim criminal makes court appearance
   193.  Family from Hertfordshire launches road accident claim
   194.  Family of fatally wounded employee may file accident claim
   195.  Family of schoolgirl launch personal injury compensation claim
   196.  Farm employee seriously injured in quad-bike accident
   197.  Farm working is for the birds for one employee
   198.  Farmer suffers electrical shock work accident claim
   199.  Fatal workplace injury figures improve, injuries continue
   200.  Female food packer’s injury claims lead to serious fine

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