False motor accident claim criminal makes court appearance

A dentist accused of having a false motor accident claim in an effort to fake his own death so that he could claim almost £1.8 million in insurance payouts recently had his day in court.
Greek national Emmanouil Parisis, who was known as Neil McClaren during his tenure in the UK, shared the dock with both his sister-in-law and his wife.  The three share the fraud charge after the 46 year old McClaren was reported as killed in a traffic accident claim.  After his alleged “death,” court documents state that both he and his two co-defendants entered into a conspiracy to make a claim on McClaren’s life insurance.
The initial road accident claim was made while McClaren staged his death in an elaborate ruse that involved a motor vehicle collision in Amman, Jordan in 2009.  Then, the allegations show, the father of four adopted a new name and relocated to Scotland.
Exeter Crown Court recently heard that the fraud is alleged to be concerned with 15 separate policies for life insurance from NHS organisations and finance groups alike.

These groups include such members as National Westminster Life Assurance Ltd, Genworth Financial Assurance, the British Dental Associations’s Benevolent Fund, NHS pensions, and Virgin Money.

McClaren, his 41-year-old sister-in-law Nikoletta Theodoropoulou, and his wife Anabella, 40, categorically denied six charges of fraud that were committed between the 1st of January 2008 and the 22nd of June of this year by making false representations that Emmanouil Parisis’ life had ended in order to make life insurance claims.

Answering “not guilty” each in turn, the three alleged fraudsters followed along with the aid of a Greek interpreter so they could understand the court proceedings. The two women were released on bail while McClaren was remanded into until an additional pre-trial hearing in the immediate future.

Whiplash claims worst in Scotland every November

As Halloween ends and November begins, motor vehicle operators in Scotland were made aware of data that makes the month the most dangerous in regards to the prevalence of motor accident claims.

Shocking new figures released by the Scottish Government revealed that a typical November sees more than 1,500 casualties caused by traffic accident claims.  This exceeds the monthly average rate by more than 100 injuries sustained in motor accidents, the research figures show.

One injury specialist from personal injury lawyers Accident Claims Scotland urged motor vehicle operators to be more careful on Scotland’s roadways during the coming month.

Mr Martin Haggarty spoke upon the dangers of driving without attention and care for the other motorists and pedestrians that share the road, stating that inattentive driving is the primary cause for motor accident claims.  What’s worse, continued Mr Haggarty, is that those most often victimised by bad drivers are blameless and responsible in their own motoring.

November brings both weather that is steadily worsening as well as days that are constantly becoming shorter and shorter, two factors considered to be key for the statistical hike in motor accidents, which range from a simple case of whiplash to paralysis or even death.

Based on official figures for the years 2004 through 2008, an average of nearly 17,000 road casualties occur across the length and breadth of Scotland every year.  The figures also show that the safest month for driving in Scotland is April, where the average number of motor accident victims only number 1,278.

In related news, one study recently determined that hundreds of road accidents could be avoided if instead of setting the clock back an hour in the autumn.

The study argues that if the UK would adopt the Central European Time scheme, which advances the time throughout the year by one hour, the end result would save lives by decreasing the amount of time spent driving in dangerous peak darkness hours.

Motor accident claim victim awarded substantial sum

A motor accident claim victim that was left with sever brain damage a decade and a half ago has recently been the recipient of a substantial personal injury compensation settlement.

Nicholas Butler was only 8 years old when he he experienced the near-fatal car accident in which Susan Prosser, his aunt, Laura Prosser, his cousin, and family friend Nikita Somes, aged seven, were killed.

The traffic accident claim involved a collision in which Ms Prosser collided with a skip lorry shortly after she she lost control of her motor vehicle.  Shortly after the collision, Ms Prosser crashed into a tree after careening down an embankment.

Nicholas, the sole survivor of the accident, was rushed to hospital, only to discover that he had suffered extensive cerebral injuries which resulted in his need of round-the-clock care for the rest of his life.

Through the aid of both his family and his accident solicitors, Nicholas filed a claim with the skip lorry driver’s car insurance company.  The High Court recently heard Nicholas’ case.

As a result, High Court Mrs Justice Swift approved a settlement for an undisclosed amount of compensation.  Justice Swift additionally stated that the settlement should be sufficient to provide the car Nicholas requires for the remainder of his life.  A portion of the settlement money will be spent on a home for Nicholas that will be adapted to cater to his special needs.

The High Court judge commented that Nicholas’ condition, which will require very careful indefinite management, is very difficult and distressing for both himself and his family.

While the final settlement amount remains undisclosed to the public, due to the nature of Nicholas’ injuries and their severity, the total sum the car insurance company will be ordered to pay most likely runs into the millions of pounds.

Whiplash-related injuries for accident victim in Twyford

Thanks to a four car traffic collision that occurred during rush hour in Twyford recently, one woman was left needing medical treatment for whiplash-related injuries.

The collision occurred just before 8 o’clock in the morning, which resulted in the female driver, aged 38 years, to report whiplash accident claims to her insurer.

The female motorist’s injuries were severe enough that she needed to have an ambulance called in order to be treated.

Three other cars were involved in the motor accident claim, which occurred near the Golden Cross at the A321 Waltham Road.  Following the traffic accident claim, Station Road was closed for the better part of an hour, only being re-opened at approximately ten minutes to nine.

Out of the three other cars that were involved in the collision, which included a silver Nissan and a black Honda, only the male driver of a red VW Polo faced being reported for driving carelessly.

In related news, Twyford Parish Council members have recently been discussing plans to make an accident blackspot more safe by altering a dangerous junction.

Plans, which included making an extension to a traffic island, introducing a slip road, or cutting speeds at the junction of the London Road and A4 Bath Road have all been cited as proposed ways that the Wokingham Borough Council could use to reduce the amount of accidents occuring at the junction.

The proposals were discussed by the Twyford Parish Council last month at a meeting.  The September 21 council meeting ended with an agreement on the Council’s part that measures to improve the junction must be taken.

Councillors at the meeting reported that the junction had been the location of several collisions; as many as eight traffic accidents had occurred at the location, according to some reports.