Ambulance crash creates claim for compensation

In the wake of one woman’s motor accident claim in which a horrific crash that involved an ambulance left her traumatised and injured, she has been awarded £18,500 in personal injury compensation.

North East Ambulance Service Trust has been ordered to pay the personal injury claim of a woman that was injured when an ambulance responding to an emergency call ploughed into her car.  Driving to a museum in Redcar in order to pick up her daughter at the time of the incident, Mrs Caron Lake was struck from the side by an ambulance being driven by Mr Colin Hayden.

Traveling at more than 50 miles per hour, the ambulance collision left the woman with severe injuries that have left her with back pain.  In addition to her physical injuries, Mrs Lake suffered traumatic shock in the collision.  Luckily for the woman the  ambulance struck her Nissan Micra’s rear door –  if it had collided with the front of the car her injuries could have been truly horrific.

Mrs Lake filed a personal injury compensation claim against North East Ambulance Service Trust, stating that the ambulance’s driver had made several errors just previous to the crash that resulted in the incident’s occurrence.

The Trust admitted it was 100 per cent liable for Mrs Lake’s injuries.  It then agreed to a £18,500 payout to the injured woman for both her traumatic shock and her physical injuries.

While emergency response workers are permitted to break a select number of traffic laws in order to fulfil their duties in a swift manner, in this case, when recklessness or errors cause an accident,  members of the public are entitled to seek compensatory damages to aid in their recovery.

£3.6m awarded in car accident claim

After a horrific road traffic accident left one father of two with life changing injuries, the thirty nine year old man from Trefor has been awarded £3.6 million in personal injury compensation.

According to the details of the man’s motor accident claim, Mr Andrew Chin had been about to make a phone call after pulling into a lay-by close to to St Asaph on the A55.  Unfortunately for Mr Chin, another vehicle ploughed into the back of his Volvo by another car that had been traveling at 70 miles per hour.

The force of the impact threw Mr Chin forward, causing him to strike his head on the steering wheel.  The massive head injuries the man suffered led to bleeding in the man’s brain.

Mr Chin’s injuries were so serious and severe that his doctors told him that he will not ever be able to live independently again.  Moreover he was told that he would have no choice but to go through painful rehabilitation for an indefinite period of time.

Mr Chin received a £3.6 million compensation award after he filed a personal injury claim against the other driver at Liverpool Crown Court.  The sizable sum will go towards paying for the lifetime of support and care he will now need in order to survive.

Michelle Chin, Mr Chin’s wife, remarked that the damage caused to her husband could not be repaired by any amount of money.  However she added that her family would now have an important opportunity to just get on with their lives somehow.

After being found guilty of driving without due care and attention, the driver who collided with the back of Mr Chin’s parked vehicle had his license endorsed and received a fine.

Motor accident claim leads to compensation award

A motor accident claim has led to one woman securing a personal injury compensation award.

The Hull native had been riding as a passenger in a vehicle when it had become involved in a crash on the way to Malton, North Yorkshire.  The accident victim declined to be named.

Her injury claims indicate that she sustained severe damage to her right arm.  Her injuries were so severe as to need two surgical procedures to correct the damage.  Additionally, she was left unable to work while she convalesced.

The injured woman initially sought the advice of an insurance company regarding the validity of her personal injury claim.  The insurer told her that her eligibility for compensation would grant her £3,000, provided she signed her name to a disclaimer preventing her from pursuing a larger compensation award.

After then seeking advice from a lawyer specialising in personal injury claims, the 32 year old woman went on to submit and win a personal injury compensation claim for a total of  £19,000 .

The victim stated that the insurance company had assured her that she didn’t require legal representation and put her under a lot of pressure to accept their £3,000 offer.  She also stated that anyone in a position similar to hers should think twice before signing anything that would limit an accident victim’s legal rights.

Recently published Department for Transport figures revealed that in 2009 the number of reported road casualties exceeded 220,000.  More than 24,000 people suffered serious injuries, while in excess of 2,200 people lost their lives.

Road traffic accident victims may be able to submit a compensation claim even if they were one of the vehicle’s passengers since motorists have a duty to provide for the safety of their passengers by driving responsibly.

Personal injury claims firm announces new advisory service

One personal injury claims firm has recently announced that its new claims outcome advisory service will begin being used by a major insurance company.

Insurance Services Office Limited’s Claims Outcome Advisor will be used by HSBC Insurance in order to aid in its motor accident claim division. The COA programme gives assistance to claims actuaries, managers, and handlers in order to successfully navigate the various occupational, medical, and legal topics that are related to personal injury compensation claims.

The insurer chose ISO’s advisory service due to advances in its adaptability and its technology.  HSBC Insurance was attracted to the senior leadership ability of the firm as well as its strict implementation timelines.

The insurer’s head of technical and claims strategy, Neil Freeman, commented that they were quite impressed with ISO’s services from the beginning of the selection process.  Mr Freeman stated that their ISO account manager was keen to satisfy HSBC Insurance’s need for a swift implementation and ensured that they were supplied with a quick turnaround from presentation to implementation.

This speedy turnaround was of the highest importance for the insurer, Mr Freeman stated.  He added that another particularly significant factor of the implementation was the ease of use for HSBC Insurance’s claims handlers and how easy COA was for them to adapt to without a lengthy training process.

ISO’s director of client services Joe Pendle stated many firms are looking for investment optimisation through new technological advances.  ISO has found that minimal training requirements and speed of implementation are two fundamental factors that have been cited time and again with companies looking to adopt new technology, said Mr Pendle.  ISO can meet these demands with the COA suite, which enables claims handlers to begin reaping the benefits of the new system nearly instantaneously due to the intuitive nature of the system, the client services director added.

Engineer awarded £100,000 personal injury claim settlement

One engineer recently received a personal injury claim award for  £100,000 after she suffered a minor head injury and serious knee injuries in a motor accident claim.

Identified by court documents as only ‘Ms D,’ the injured party suffered her injury claims when another vehicle hit her Renault Clio on the M60. As a result of the accident her knee problems have been both serious and ongoing.  Her mobility at both work and at home have been inpacted, who was quite keen on sports before her injuries.

As a result of her injuries medical experts predict that her knee will need to be fully replaced before the age of 50.  In the meantime the woman, now in her late 20s, requires a substantial amount of surgery in order to regain some lost mobility.

Ms D’s personal injury lawyers commented that her motor insurer wanted to settle the matter with just £14,000 in damages.  Due to the physically demanding nature of her employment at Manchester airport as an engineer, her legal representation felt that the compensation award needed to be much higher.  This is especially true if Ms D is going to experience ongoing knee problems that will require further substantial surgery.

Additionally Ms D’s lawyers wished for a higher settlement amount to counteract any loss of earnings going forward during the treatment of her injuries.  While Ms D recovers she will have limited mobility and may very well be in need of aid in the performance of everyday tasks whilst she is undergoing treatment.

Ms D commented that she was very gratified that she did not take the original settlement as offered to her by the insurer.  Instead she found a legal firm that fought hard for her and secured her a large compensation reward as a result.

Bus company refuses car accident claim

One South Yorkshire mum was recently infuriated when a motor accident claim that resulted in garden to her damage wall was refused by the company that owned the vehicle.

After a bus had been abandoned due to heavy snow, pranksters released its handbrake and rolled it down the hill into Pat Drayton’s home on Workshop Road, Swallownest.  The resultant traffic accident claim caused £1,000 pounds of damage and barred Mrs Drayton from leaving her home for nearly an entire day.

Mrs Drayton and her husband John found that the bus had damaged their wall once it had been towed away.  The brickwork had been dislodged by the collision. However when the Draytons filed a road accident claim against the bus company they were told by the company’s insurers that they would not be entitled to any compensatory damages.  The reason given was that the accident did not occur at the fault of the driver.

The 51 year old married woman stated that the insurer callously disregarded the couple’s dilemma.  Due to the fact that the actual perpetrators of the act will never be found, both she and her husband were suffering the consequences, she added.

South Yorkshire deputy managing director for the bus company Brandon Jones expressed his incredulous disbelief that an anonymous band of culprits managed to dislodge the bus.  Calling their behaviour mindlessly idiotic, he nevertheless stated that the bus company cannot be held accountable for the actions of vandals or the effects of inclement weather conditions.

The bus had become stuck on the hill above Mrs Drayton’s house at around 7 in the evening.  Around three hours later, the bus then rolled down to come to a crashing halt against her garden wall.  Mrs Drayton stated that based on how many cars were being abandoned all around it, the bus was quite obviously blocking the entire road.

Motor accident claim leads to £6,000 in compensation

After an overtaking motorist crashed into them, one couple’s motor accident claim has led to a £6,000 personal injury compensation award.

The traffic accident claim occurred last February early in the morning.  Witnesses saw Damian Pritchard driving along the A379 in his Vauxhall Astra overtaking the couple.  This was despite the dark, wet weather conditions and the rate of speed of nearly 60 mph at which the couple were traveling.

Mr Pritchard was described as attempting to overtake a bus and lorry.  The two vehicles were traveling nose to tail at the time.  Firs Mr Pritchard was unsuccessful.  Upon a second attempt Mr Pritchard collided head-on with a Mini coming from the opposite direction.  The incident occurred on a stretch of road that had a blind curve.

The Mini’s driver was afflicted with whiplash from the collision.  Moreover the passenger, the driver’s pregnant wife, suffered from a broken hand and collarbone. Both wife and husband were so injured in the collision that they missed several days of work during their recovery.  Additionally they were faced with the suddenly very real fear that their unborn child might have been injured in the traffic accident as well.

Mr Pritchard entered a plea of guilty of dangerous driving at Plymouth Crown Court. His sentence, which was suspended for the span of two years, included a jail sentence of four months. Additionally he has been banned from driving for three years as well. Mr Pritchard also faces the task of performing 200 hours’ worth of unpaid community service.

Finally, Mr Pritchard was ordered by the presiding Judge to remit £6,000 in personal injury compensation to the injured couple for their missed work, their medical costs, and their pain and suffering.

Car accident claim victim wins personal injury compensation

One motor accident claim victim has been awarded the right to receive a personal injury compensation claim by the High Court after he was left with serious disabilities in a hit-and-run traffic accident claim.

Former carpenter Mr Daniel Ince had been in the middle of crossing an Ealing road in September of 2004 when he was struck by a passing motorist, reported the Ealing Gazette.

Mr Ince’s severe injuries were caused by what is thought to have been a BMW traveling in excess of the speed limit, which then failed to stop after colliding with him and knocking him to the ground.

Even six years after the initial accident, Mr Ince’s head injuries were so severe that he lives in a brain injury rehabilitation ward to this very day.  Mr Ince will most likely never be able to live without constant, around the clock care for the rest of his life.

Though it is true the motorist who struck Mr Ince failed to stop, a nearby firefighter had been able to identify the driver after giving testimony at the HIgh Court hearing.

Mr Ince filed a claim against the insurer of the unnamed motor vehicle operator with the help of Mary Phelan, his mother.  The motorist’s insurance company has since admitted three quarters liability for the accident.

After this admission of liability, Mr Ince is now entitled to what will most likely be a large figure in personal injury compensation.  In other cases where brain damage has occurred, the usual norm has been to award compensation in the millions of pounds.

In the event of you or someone you know becoming involved in an accident where the other party flees the scene, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau recently made the recommendation that all reasonable efforts should be made to take down the other car’s registration number.

Additionally in order to protect the victim in the future, any incidents that occur should be immediately reported to the authorities.

South London cyclist wins personal injury compensation award

A South London cyclist and former triathlon champion was recently awarded a personal injury compensation of £280,000 following a serious accident.

Doris Barrera-Torrico of Gipsy Hill was on her way to her charity worker job when she became crushed between two large lorries in a motor accident claim that left the thirty one year old bleeding in the road.

Ms Barrera-Torrico sustained a myriad of serious and disfiguring injuries as a result of the traffic accident claim.  Doris recalled several vivid details of the accident during an interview with the London Evening Standard concerning how a large percentage of her skin tissue had been ripped from her right leg; she has one particularly grisly memory of catching a glimpse of several bits of her leg strewn across the road in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Ms Barrera-Torrico underwent nine surgical procedures on her leg in which several surgeons worked tirelessly to prevent having to resort to amputation of the appendage.  As a result she has retained her leg, though it is now permanently deformed from the accident and she will need crutches in order to walk.

Originally hailing from Chile, Doris previously competed nationally in the triathlon and had finished with several champion medals.  She said that following the accident her life has now changed forever since she can no longer cycle or run, two of the thirty one year old’s favorite activities.

She received a personal injury compensation settlement of £280,000 out of court after filing a personal injury claim against the driver of the lorry.

One member of her legal team also made remarks that the particulars of Doris’ case were a strong indicator for the need to increase cycle awareness on roads across the UK in order to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Motor accident claim road deaths fall, new figures reveal

Motor accident claim road deaths over the past 12 months have decreased to under 2,000 for the first time, according to transport figures recently released by the Department for Transport.

Taking place from June 30th of this year to the same date in 2009, the reduction in the death rate from traffic accident claims has been a “tremendous” achievement, says Edmund King, president of AA.

Mr King stated that, in the year 2000, there were a grand total of 3,409 deaths from road accident claims.  He added that the reduction of over nearly 1,000 deaths  from their previous high of 2,946 to the current total of 1,990 since 2007 is quite an impressive feat. Mr King also stated that the recent reduction can be seen as a tribute to all the excellent work of those that have tried so hard to meet the 2010 targets the Government set at the turn of the last century.

Mr King concluded his statement by remarking that in order to galvanise road safety efforts for the next ten years and then some, the UK is in desperate need of a new target it can work toward meeting.

The only figure that worsened recently was a 1 per cent rise in deaths among cyclists; additionally the number of non-fatal casualties among cyclists also rose by 4 per cent as well.

Called a disturbing trend by industry experts, calls to action have ben made in order to ensure that both older cyclists who return to the road and younger cyclists begging to take to the road have the proper training available to them on how to be safer cyclists.

One particularly strong concern has been for those returning to their two-wheeler after a long absence.  As these particular cyclists rely, often to their own detriment, on their childhood experience on a bicycle in addition to their experience as a motorist.  Such experience simply does not equip a returning cyclist for riding on the roads of today.