Compensation takes time, but when it arrives…

Industry news roundup: week ended 26 Apr 2014:

The wheels of justice grind slowly – but when they’re done, those seeking compensation for accident claims can be quite well off indeed.

There’s nothing more frustrating – or tragic, if you ask me – than being involved in a harrowing accident and then having to wait for months or even years before your personal injury claims are attended to. Nowhere is this more obvious than the wake of the now six month old Clutha helicopter crash, where there hasn’t been one personal injury compensation award handed out to any of the victims or their bereaved families.

Industry experts say that it could be more than a year in total before the most egregious personal injury claims are addressed. This means that those who have been left the worse off in the wake of the tragedy could be left twisting in the wind for much too long – that’s a lot of additional suffering if you ask me. I can only hope that things get a bit more speedy, especially for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or debilitating injuries from the crash. The idea of these poor people going untreated and uncompensated makes me sick to my stomach.

Meanwhile the personal injury compensation industry could take even longer than a single year to resolve itself. It’s typical in places with similar legal systems to the UK – for instance, the United States has laws that are quite analogous, and it can take a serious amount of time for some cases to resolve. For instance, one mother and daughter were finally awarded their compensation for a woman and her daughter that were gravely injured – and the total sum has been announced to be a whopping $15 million!

The injury in question was much more severe than it looks at first glance, especially since it involves a young mother of a four year old being violently thrown about as the bus they were riding on went over a speed bump rather energetically. The woman landed hard and sustained enough damage to one of her vertebrae that she needed surgical attention, and even in the wake of her surgeries she has been in excruciating pain whenever she did anything – like walking, talking, sitting, or breathing. It was found that the bus driver hit the speed bump traveling at too great a speed, which caused the injuries.

Brits meet their match when it comes to accident claim fraud

Industry news roundup: week ended 19 May 2014

Whilst Brits certainly can do their worst when it comes to accident claims fraud, they simply have nothing on the rest of the world – especially Americans!

In fact, certainly seems to me, based on the news reports I’ve seen this week, British fraudsters have simply given up trying very hard. You’ve probably heard of how one 26 year old from Omagh got creative in her local Asda, thinking she had the perfect set-up for a slip and trip personal injury claim by purposefully spilling some oil on the floor and then tripping herself only to be caught on CCTV cameras, haven’t you? Truly this is about as bush-league fraud as you can possibly get.

Meanwhile, just this week a truly amazing event occurred. A personal injury compensation claim was made in New York by a 62 year old man who claims he was bitten by a dog on a city bus, suffering enough trauma to sever his middle finger. While that’s not truly all that remarkable in and of itself, the amount of compensation he’s asking for most certainly is – he is looking for $2 decillion in damages.

Now that’s not a figure I just made up – it’s real. I even looked it up in the dictionary. It’s the number 2 followed by thirty-three noughts. Thirty-three, for pity’s sake! The bollocks on this bloke are bloody enormous!

I’m sorry – I’m absolutely floored by what New Yorkers would call this man’s chutzpah. This is the largest amount of compensation ever requested in the history of the human race. Oh and to make things even more bloody hysterical he’s eschewing the help of a personal injury lawyer and is simply representing himself.

I thought someone was taking the piss out of me when I read this story but it’s 100 per cent true. It just goes to show you that us Brits are seriously lagging behind when it comes to fearless fraud. We’ve obviously been letting the side down here across the pond and we’ll need to come back soon with some even more outrageous claims figures if we want to keep our crown as the so-called compensation capital of the world!

Fraudsters versus the injured in compensation culture row

Industry news roundup: week ended 15 May 2013:

The whole row over the so-called ‘compensation culture’ is hotting up once again, and this time the injured are facing off against fraudsters in a major way.

The National Accident Helpline has gone to bat for those suffering from accidents and needing to make personal injury claims, announcing in a new research report that the impact of injuries on the working population of the UK includes nearly 60 per cent of injured suffering at least some loss of earnings. 17 per cent of those injured have been hit particularly hard according to the study, as they have lost out on more than £1,000 as they recovered from their injuries.

Personal injury compensation has proven to be incredibly important for injured Brits, says the National Accident Helpline, with more than 4 out of every 5 having to turn to seeking damages to offset costs or in order to recover lost earnings. This is hardly the mark of a populace caught up with making spurious claims in order to rake in some extra cash if you ask me, and I for one would like those who have suffered legitimate injuries treated with a bit more respect instead of being vilified by insurance companies that are reticent to pay out on work accident claims.

Meanwhile for every report that showcases how badly compensation is needed by the legitimately injured, there seems to be another high-profile news story that draws attention to the greed of fraudsters and that gives more fuel to the fire when it comes to those arguing that there actually is a rampant compensation culture in the UK. The newest bone of contention is the £54,000 personal injury claim that was just thrown out thanks to new technological breakthroughs designed to prevent fraud.

Luckily, one of the vehicles involved in the accident was fitted with a telematics device that recorded the speed at which the accident occurred, allowing investigators to determine that there was no actual way for such severe injuries to have happened.  I’m dead chuffed to hear that these fraudsters got caught red-handed trying to trump up charges that they were so terribly injured in the accident, but this doesn’t help the case of providing better access to justice for those injured legitimately. Insurers are more than happy to throw the baby out with the bathwater if it means saving a few quid, the bastards!

Fraud on the rise, scammers clashing with the law

Industry news roundup: week ended 5 May 2014:

With instances of accident claims fraud on the rise, an increasing number of scammers are finding themselves in hot water with the authorities.

In fact, personal injury compensation fraudsters seem to have made a comeback in some areas, one notable one being text messaging spam. It used to be in days gone by – prior to legislation that banned such activity – you could find yourself spammed by many SMS text messages on your mobile phone every day, especially if you had the poor luck of having your personal details passed on to a claims management company; however with the downfall of CMCs unsolicited SMS texts declined until recently.

Not so any more apparently, as there was an 11 per cent hike in the number of of text message spam sent to British mobile customers in 2014’s first quarter according to a major security firm. The blame for the uptick has been laid squarely at the feet of scammer activity in the personal injury compensation market, though other sectors such as for debt relief, PPI compensation or even payday lending are also quite numerous.

Luckily with this sudden rise in the number of fraudsters and scammers sniffing about like so many hyenas, law enforcement has stepped up their own game in going after these bastards. Inf act one of these idiots was just caught trying to defraud their employer’s insurance company for almost £2 million on a trumped up work accident claim just got tossed in jail for six months.

This absolute pillock by the name of Danny Wykes got into some injury or another at work and then cried wolf, claiming that he was injured so badly that his right arm was now completely useless to the point where he couldn’t ever work again and would need to be placed in the care of others for the remainder of his own sorry life. Of course things changed after his former employer’s insurance company caught Wykes just going about his day unassisted, even showing how he was able to do things like push a wheelbarrow or lift a table without aid.

Now if you ask me this idiot got just what he deserved. I’m glad he got caught and I’m even more gratified that he’s got a 6 month jail sentence out of the whole thing. Let this be a lesson to anyone else thinking they could pull off a scam like this themselves!