Whiplash claims to increase in coming weeks?

Thousands of Brits got behind the wheel for an Easter day out with their families this month and accident claim experts predict that the number of traffic accident claims to have occurred was high.

Potholes and damage to roadway surfaces caused by extreme winter weather damage were expected to be the main cause behind the recent surge in road accident claims.  Approximately 6.7 people had planned to journey by car in order to reach their UK holiday destinations in the month of April, and one recovery firm stated that with the massive increase in crashes an additional rise in personal injury claims related to those crashes was predicted to occur.

One of the many risks these drivers were considered likely to take would have been ‘car cramming,’ which is trying to fit everything except the kitchen sink into the family sedan for a caravan or camping holiday.  When paired with the aforementioned state of disrepair throughout many of the highways in Britain, the dangers of car cramming could put drivers at serious risk of ending up having to file an accident claim with their insurance provider.

Peter Horton, managing director for recovery firm Britannia Rescue stated that the firm advised that motorists could have done well to have taken a bit of extra time before starting their journey to make sure that their loads were secure, safe, within the maximum permitted weight of their vehicles, and not blocking the driver’s view.

Industry experts agree that the costs incurred to insurance companies by having to pay a rising number of accident claims can lead to increases to average premiums across the UK.  As motor insurance cover is already rapidly rising drivers were urged to do their utmost to prevent unnecessary crashes to protect not only themselves and their loved ones but their bank accounts as well.

Labourer injured in fall, considers work accident claim

After suffering serious injuries after falling from a roof six storeys up, one labourer has considered filing a work accident claim for compensation.

According to accident claim specialists, James Richards had been working as a self-employed labourer at the time of the accident in December of 2008. He had been working on a building located in London’s Kensington district that needed its external cast iron fire escape repaired and repainted.

Triton Building Restoration Ltd, the main contractor for the building, had hired specialist firm Fire Escape Ltd as a subcontractor for the work.  In order to allow in some natural light, the building had a light well in its centre.

Mr Richards fell down the light well while labouring on the building’s roof.  After falling down six storeys, he landed 18 metres below on the floor, suffering serious personal injuries, according to personal injury compensation experts.  Mr Richards broke his pelvis, arm, and back in the fall in addition to suffering a damaged spleen and a punctured lung, among other internal injuries.  Since he suffered these devastating injuries Mr Richards has been unable to work.

Both Fire Escape Ltd and Triton Building Restoration Ltd were investigated by the Health and Safety Executive for their role in Mr Richards’ injuries.  Following a successful prosecution by the HSE, both firms were determined to be in breach of health and safety regulations, leading to a £3,500 fine for Fire Escape Ltd and a £5,000 fine for Triton Building Restoration Ltd.

After the conclusion of the hearing investigators for the HSE declared that the accident could have been prevented from taking place if the edge of the light well had been properly guarded.

Injured mother wins medical negligence claim

One injured mother who found herself in a fight for her life after the delivery of her newborn son has recently won personal injury compensation for her claim of medical negligence against her hospital.

Thirty one year old Kelly Sutton had been taken to hospital in 2006 in order to give birth to her new child.  However what should have been one of the most memorably happy days of her life left her in dire straits when doctors who delivered her child via caesarean section neglected to properly close her womb, resulting in a personal injury claim for medical negligence.

Mrs Sutton stated in a recent interview that she had begun to suspect something was amiss when she started to experience serious pains across her stomach and chest.  She then collapsed shortly thereafter and faced a wait of multiple hours before she was taken into a surgical theatre for an emergency procedure.  A different surgeon then discovered that the new mother’s womb had been closed improperly after the delivery of her son.

Mrs Sutton’s claim stated that the doctors who first dealt with the new mother had neglected to spot the error on the part of the initial surgeon.  Mrs Sutton suffered severe blood loss and excruciating pain whilst doctors failed to find the mistake until hours afterwards.

While Mrs Sutton’s life was saved by the second surgical team, the surgeon had no choice but to remove the woman’s womb in order to do so.

After an expert investigation was launched, the NHS Trust for Wolverhampton Hospital admitted that the medical staff at the hospital should not have neglected to notice Mrs Sutton’s continued bleeding.  Since this admission, the family have now won their compensation battle and now hope that the compensation award will enable them to continue to have children through surrogacy in order to provide a younger brother or sister for their now five year old son.

Pensioner injured in mobility scooter crash at indoor market

One pensioner was injured in a mobility scooter crash whilst she was on a shopping trip at an indoor market, accident claim experts recently reported.

Leigh native Audrey King, aged seventy, was knocked down after the scooter collided with her unexpectedly.  The disabled female driver of the scooter was not injured in the collision – however Mrs King is now considering a personal injury compensation claim related to the injuries she sustained in the incident.

Mrs King’s injuries were so severe that it was necessary for her to spend nearly one week in hospital in order for them to be treated.  The pensioner suffered a fractured thigh bone and broken hip, which necessitated the insertion of a metal pin into her her hip in order to repair the damage.  Mrs King also needed another pin inserted into her femur as well.

After being informed that it may take as long as two years for her current injuries to heal – and that she may need a hip replacement procedure performed sometime in the near future – the retired former secretary has decided to make a personal injury claim against the driver of the scooter.

The case could prove to be a landmark one in personal injury law due to the nature of the incident.  Moreover Mrs King has called for changes to present law as there are currently no requirements for drivers of mobility scooters to take out any kind of insurance cover in the event of an accident.

Mrs King informed the Daily Mail newspaper in an interview that she felt the time had come for the drivers of these motorised vehicles to carry insurance to cover third party injuries.  A member of Mrs King’s legal team remarked that there are no limitations on purchasing mobility scooters, and that both instituting the requirement of securing compulsory insurance cover and passing a basic competency test could lead to pedestrians being safer when encountering such drivers.

Personal injury compensation battle lost for Ware residents

After an unsuccessful claim for damages based on the disruption of their lives by a nearby landfill, one group of residents from Ware recently lost their battle for personal injury compensation in the High Court.

In a case that represented more than 150 families from the Vicarage Estate, and brought by thirty lead personal injury claim claimants, Mr Justice Coulson rejected it with the ruling that the claims were almost certainly bound to fail.  The judge stated that this was because the claimants failed to allege negligence on the part of Biffa Waste Services for the Westmill 2 landfill site. Mr Justice Coulson however did not agree with the allegation on Biffa’s part that there had been a great exaggeration to the claimant’s injury claims.

The Ware residents had been hoping the judge would rule that the foul smell that had been emanating from the site between July of 2004 and October of 2009 would be legally classified as a nuisance.  The judge had been told that the residents had sustained significant losses in regards to the enjoyment of their properties when the case was heard last year.

However Biffa’s injury solicitors claimed that the lawsuit filed against the firm was both wholly unjustified and unwarranted.  Safety, environment, and external affairs director for Biffa Waste, David Savory, also stated that the claimants had been part of the so-called ‘compensation culture’ in his testimony.  However the judge rejected this allegation.

Mr Justice Coulson stated that the evidence supports that the residents had repeatedly insisted that for much of the time that they had no particular interest in financial compensation but were merely interested in the elimination of the foul odour.  These residents were only attempting to assert what they felt to be their rights because it seemed that no one else – the Environment Agency and Biffa included – seemed to do more than pay lip service to the community, the judge added.

Work accident claim leads to fine for welding firm

One work accident claim has led to a fine for a Shirebrook-based welding firm near Mansfield following an employee sustaining serious personal injuries after a fall from height.

The worker fell nearly five metres from the roof of a Mansfield farm’s outbuilding onto a grain bucket below him, according to his injury solicitors.  The man has requested that his name not be made known to the public at this time.

The unnamed worker’s personal injury claim states that he sustained serious personal injuries in the fall which included internal injuries, a fracture to his skull, and five broken vertebrae.  The worker was employeed by Shirebrook-based IFT Services Ltd, of Victoria Street, at the time of his injuries.

In the wake of the incident, the Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the man’s injuries and discovered that the worker had been working from a telehandler. The man had climbed out of the telescopic handler’s attached cage onto a nearby scaffold board where he fell due to the lack of any safety measures put in place to prevent injuries related to falls from height.

After it entered a plea of guilty to being in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act, IFT Services Ltd was fined £4,000 by Mansfield Magistrates Court.  The firm was also assigned the additional responsibility of paying £2,000 in court costs as well.

Lee Greatorex, the inspector who investigated the incident, released a statement after the hearing.  The inspector stated that the incident could have been avoided completely had the firm taken the time to ensure that safety measures had been appropriately put in place.

In the wake of his injuries the unnamed worker is understood to have left the welding firm.

£1m personal injury compensation for RTA victim

After a crash left him with serious injuries, £1 million in personal injury compensation has recently been awarded to a victim of a road traffic accident in the wake of the filing of his car accident claim.

While he was walking along London’s Cromwell Road in South Kensington in January of 2005, Mr Tavenor Douglas was struck as he used the pedestrian crossing outside the Natural History Museum. Mr Douglas sustained serious injuries in the incident.

According to Mr Douglas’ personal injury claim, these injuries have had a truly devastating impact on his life.  Mr Douglas suffered injuries to his pelvis, spine, and skull, in addition to serious head injuries as well.  As a result he has been left with psychological, speech, and mobility issues due to having sustained brain damage in the accident.

In the wake of the collision Mr Douglas was in a coma for the length of a week. Moreover he spent in excess of one month in hospital in intensive care and had to undergo extensive facial reconstruction surgery as well.

The vehicle’s driver was found to have exceeded the legal limit and was banned for driving for three years due to drink driving.

After seeking road traffic accident compensation from the driver’s car insurance firm, the High Court in London last week gave their approval to a £1.1 million settlement in Mr Douglas’ name.  The substantial injury award will be managed by the Court of Protection on behalf of Mr Douglas and will be used to provide him with the care he will need in the future in order to cope with his diminished capacity in the wake of his car accident.

Personal injury compensation under £50k available online

Thanks to new developments in the world of accident claims, cases with possible personal injury compensation awards of £50,000 or less can now be initiated online.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke initially authored the proposal for online injury claims management.  Compliance test company Office Test stated that the framework is in place for online payout management under £50,000.

The proposal has raised concerns among some critics that believe making it both so easy and accessible to file a personal injury claim may result in a proliferation of frivolous lawsuits.  However proponents of the proposal state that as long as each case is grounded in fact there is nothing wrong with increasing the number of cases on a daily basis.

The concern over an increase in claims has not stopped Office Test in marketing their surfaces to businesses in need of some health and safety risk management.  The firm offers a wide selection of services ranging from data and cabling services to fire alarm testing.

As the newly proposed system could lead to Brits having more access in claiming injury compensation for their accidents, this increases the pressure on companies to keep their workplace health and safety standards high enough to prevent accidents from occurring.  This can compel firms to prioritise proper safety practices at work.

The past few years has seen the number of personal injury claims in the UK rise steadily.  Many different factors contribute to this increase such as increased accessibility in regards to online customers.

There are more who have expressed even less hesitation in fighting for their day in court in the wake of these new regulatory decisions by the Justice Secretary.  In light of the recent poposal, anticipations are high that there will be more personal injury claims filed and in the immediate future.

Injured toddler wins his car accident claim

After sustaining serious injuries when he was run over on a pedestrian crossing, one toddler recently won his car accident claim and received damages totaling £14,000.

Merseyside native Liam Brickell had been just three years old when he was struck by a disqualified and uninsured driver.  The young boy, who lives in New Ferry, Wirral, had been crossing the road close to his home whilst in the company of his mother Nicola Watkins when the incident that led to his personal injury claim occurred.

Both Liam and his mother had been walking hand in hand as they crossed the street wen a Vauxhall Cavalier ran a red light and collided with the three year old.  The vehicle was found in a nearby street after the motorist drove off without stopping at the scene of the accident.

Liam sustained serious injuries to his head and internal organs in the motor accident.  He was rushed to Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral where he was treated at its high dependency unit.

Liam’s family members are currently considering the use of a portion of his personal injury compensation award to fund cosmetic surgery for the child in order to correct the permanent scarring he suffered at the hands of the reckless driver.

Liam’s mother remarked that the family planned to wait for his son to reach an age to make the decision on his own whether to pursue surgical procedures in order to cover the scars.

The Vauxhall Cavalier’s driver was sentenced to a jail term of two years by the presiding judge in the case.  The court justice also banned the unnamed male driver from getting behind the wheel for five years.

Parishioner files £30k personal injury claim against her church

After she slipped on a home made door mat whilst preparing floral arrangements for a Sunday service, one parishioner has filed an accident claim against her church for £30,000 in personal injury compensation.

Margaret Graham, aged seventy eight, had been preparing a flower arrangement at St Adamnan’s Episcopal Church at the time she sustained the injuries that led her to file the personal injury claim.  While she was returning from dropping off cuttings onto a compost heap, she tripped over the doormat at the front door to the building

Mrs Graham suffered damaged tendons and a dislocated shoulder from her fall. She was rushed to hospital where she had to be given strong pain killer medication in order to place her shoulder joint back into its proper position.

Despite several months of surgery following a surgical procedure, the seventy eight year old pensioner states that she has been disabled in the wake of the incident.  Moreover she has been suffering from depression as a result of her injuries and will be bringing legal action against both the church and its landowner for £30,000 in damages.

Mrs Graham’s claim is centred upon the fact that the makeshift mat, which was just cut off from a larger section of carpet, was an accident waiting to happen since it did not fit the step at the front door of the church properly.

However both the church and the landowner have stated their intentions of fighting the case.  They state that Mrs Graham played a significant role in contributing to her injuries due to her own fault and negligence.

No further information was available at this time in regards to a possible court date for the legal proceeding.