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Archive | November, 2010

Mother seeks medical negligence compensation for her son

One disabled boy’s mother is seeking medical negligence compensation from the NHS after errors that allegedly occurred during his delivery resulted in his disabilities.

Worker suffers serious personal injury claim at work

One print worker who hails from Oxford suffered a serious accident claim when one of his hands was drawn into a machine designed to stack booklets.

Man hurt by falling equipment filing personal injury claim

After being injured by medical equipment that fell from an air ambulance passing by overhead, one man has decided to file a personal injury claim for damages.

Personal injury compensation for child car accident claim

One teen aged car accident claim victim who was struck by a police cruiser during an emergency response will soon be the recipient of a large personal injury compensation settlement.

Pupil wins victory in school accident claim battle

One pupil who was the recipient of debilitating injuries after he was impaled in the eye with a paint brush has recently been victorious in ongoing school accident claim battle.

Two men injured in work accident claim

Two men received injuries in a work accident claim when the stone staircase they were dismantling collapsed, sending them plummeting to the ground.

Car accident claim victim wins personal injury compensation

One motor accident claim victim has been awarded the right to receive a personal injury compensation claim by the High Court after he was left with serious disabilities in a hit-and-run traffic accident claim.

Farmer suffers electrical shock work accident claim

One farm worker suffered a work accident claim after he received a severe electrical shock recently.

Accident solicitor warns motorists on winter weather

As many of us are now travelling in the dark on our way to and from our places of work, and school-aged children will leave for their schools during the pre-dawn hours as well, one accident solicitor has warned motorists on the dangers of reduced visibility and other issues related to winter driving conditions.

Essex man awarded £35,000 personal injury compensation

In a turn of events that could turn even the most ardent Bob Cratchit into an Ebenezer Scrooge, after receiving serious injuries from a falling Christmas tree one Essex man recently received a personal injury compensation award of £35,000.

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