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Bar Brawl Imminent as Legal Aid Cuts Deepen Divisions

HMCTS to shed 400 jobs, Mansfield Chambers breaks ranks from CBA, Diane Abbott slams Legal Aid cuts and Sir Leveson calls for more efficiency. Some week!

Smiler blame could take years; in India, 5k+ claims resolved in a day

In the UK, it’s revealed that the fault for the Smiler incident may take years to find; in India, 5k+ motor claims settled in one sitting. Talk about worlds apart.

Alton Towers: prosecutions expected over Smiler calamity

Lawyers acting on behalf of seriously injured passengers in Alton Towers rollercoaster calamity fear prosecutions may follow HSE investigation.

Why holiday cover is about more than Factor 30

The CPS is to re-examine evidence from the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel Tragedy. It makes you think, who is responsible for your safety on a package holiday?

Clinical Negligence Claims could be first Casualty of Higher Fees

New Govt rules could stretch some law firms’ cashflow to breaking point. Higher issue fees mean clinical negligence cases could be turned down.

Social media evidence: slipshod irreverence or irrelevant snapshots?

How relevant is social media as evidence in accident claims? Mostly, it’s dismissed. But the tide could be changing with this Canadian ruling

Elderly at Risk as PPI and Accident Claims Calls Rise

Home Instead to help Swansea elderly protect themselves from scams; in Sunderland, care worker found guilty of stealing £1,911 from 74-yr old.

Crash-for-Cash scam busted; Direct Line chasing £600k fraud case

Final sentencing for Chester bus ‘crash-for-cash’ scam issued; leader gets 6½ years. Direct Line claim £600k benefit payout back in fraud case.

MoD awards £709,000 personal injury compensation award

Here’s one that’s going to make you question your sanity: the Ministry of Defence just paid out £709,000 in personal injury compensation for a case of bullying.

Cathedral sues NHS after £130,000 accident claim

A £130,000 accident claim has prompted a cathedral to sue the NHS for not properly treating the foot of a worshiper who was injured on church grounds.

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