Review Period: Jul 2014
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Government and insurers clash over whiplash claims

The Government and car insurance companies are currently at odds over how to handle the rising tide of personal injury compensation from whiplash claims.

Injury claims: worth an arm and a leg or fall on deaf ears

The scope of personal injury claims in the UK is so large that while some people end up literally paying and arm and a leg. others injuries fall on deaf ears.

Road traffic accidents and car crashes: nobody wins

You might think that people who make successful car accident claims come out on top, but the sad truth is everyone suffers when traffic accident figures are up.

Seriously injured awarded compensation for car accidents

Road traffic accident claims can be some of the most expensive for insurers – as demonstrated by two massive compensation awards in the news this week.

Injured woman snubbed whilst drug dealer gets compensation

Well here’s one you won’t believe: this week, it came to light that whilst an injured pensioner was denied compensation, a drug dealer was awarded damages.

When £1 million in personal injury compensation isn’t enough

Sometimes there are incidents leading to personal injury claims that are truly egregious. This week is one of those times, and it’s 100 per cent justified.

Local councils bled by accident claims

Local councils across the UK are being bled dry by expensive accident claims, according to a raft of new revelations.

The fight against compensation culture goes ever on

A new salvo has been fired by regulators against personal injury lawyers in an effort to combat so-called compensation culture, but will it really do anything?

Work accident claims running rampant?

Is it just me or does it seem like the nation’s places of work are just getting increasingly unsafe for staff and workers?

Compensation takes time, but when it arrives…

The wheels of justice grind slowly – but when they’re done, those seeking compensation for accident claims can be quite well off indeed.

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